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  1. Family settings got on somehow and I am 73 years old! now I can’t watch anything on HBOGO etc and I am TICKED! Wasted $60.00 on a live card! NO One in this household is underage so what happened?

  2. “I was very concerned about having to contact support after reading the comments. But, I have to say that I had NO wait time and Sean that helped me on Wednesday 12-2-15 on the phone was absolutely wonderful!!! He was helpful and kind he put me in contact with the local Microsoft Store here @ Carousel Mall. Thanks again Sean, you were wonderful!!!!

    When I got to the store @ Carousel Mall they were absolutely fantastic!!!! From the very nice young man that checked me in to Tom Jr. and the other gentleman that actually fixed my son’s XBOX One, I can’t say enough positive things about them!!! They made a very stressful situation a relaxing and enjoyable time! Thank you all again. I would tell everyone to go see the guys at Carousel Mall they are the best!!! “

  3. These ppl completely suck. They don’t speak English then when asked to speak to manager they say why and don’t connect you to them. XBox sucks don’t be suckered into there bull. Then to say to pay another $200 for them to put a block on my computer because I have hackers. Then I told them I have a computer guy then say oh he is not certified how on the world would they know. XBOX SUCKS DONT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  4. Costumer Service you need to fix Netflix yesterday I had a problem with it yesterday and I had recently called yesterday and there was a man on the phone yesterday told me that they were having problems and told me last night it will take a few hours and now i just woke up still have a problem with it you costumer service need to fix this

  5. I need help with TrainedDragon11 because he was death threting me and calling me name and be mean and cruising and I want to know if you can do someing to help meo

  6. Please get me the specifics on how to stop the monthly charge for a xbox program/game “Gold” that my son set up a few month back. I want it to stop showing up on my monthly credit card statement.The card is in my name Gregory Ardito, Visa debit card.

  7. I have my Xbox 360 for nine years now I wanna know how do I get it from taking long to play the game I want,the system is still in good condition,but it’s the games that I like to play is not working like it should the games are still in good condition too I need to know about that.

  8. When trying to watch Netflix on my son’s xbox360, a message appears. It says my son has to be 18 to get on Netflix unless you are 18. What’s up with this? How do I bypass this so we can watch Netflix? Thank you.

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