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  1. “P L E A S E help me!!! I desperately need to print out my bill with your company for February or March 2010, for an auto loan thru the bank as proof of residence.

    I just moved to this new address, and you already have it in your system.

    I have tried going online, but I am not very computor savvy…I need the car to go to work…if I cannot get this information for the bank, the loan will be rejected and I will have to give back the car…please call me!…T H A N K Y O U !!!!

  2. Unless you have some odd code in your city, the Standard is 12 Foot Overhead Clearances For Conductors And Cables Not Over 600 Volts. (In instances over residential property and driveways, and those commercial areas not subject to truck traffic where the voltage does not exceed 300 volts to ground, should be a minimum of 12 feet overhead clearance.)

  3. I have been informed the overhead wiring to my property is in violation against the standard codes. It drapes across the front of my property at a very low elevation, approximately less than 12 feet above the ground going to my neighbors house next door. Phone is

  4. I don’t want customer service training. I don’t want to webcrawl to find Xcel Energy products. I JUST WANT A HOT WATER HEATER, a simple request for Minnegasco, but now it is a huge mystery for Xcel Energy. This is one VERY annoyed customer. Lee

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