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Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Yahoo Mail is a free web-based email from Yahoo! With Yahoo email you can get your email from anywhere, enjoy unlimited storage space, and feel secure with award-winning spam protection.

Yahoo! Inc.

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Yahoo Pro (Paid Accounts): 1-800-305-7664

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    I am going through a pending trial where I caught the burglar or the thief in possession of my property which my dog cost me $3,500, and I need to get back into my email because there were witnesses that also saw this person in possession of my dog.

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    I have all correspondence of that.

  2. Dear Yahoo! i am having a problem with my Account key. Unfortunately i don’t have the access to that can i recover my email add? please help me.

  3. I am having an issue with the coupons folder on yahoo mail. I am getting ads in the folder. As soon I trash them they come right back immediately. How I fix this? If I hide the folder it comes back too. Can I delete the folder entirely? I don’t need it. On my desktop I have no option to trash ads. But I do on my phone, then they come right back.

    Thanks for any help.

    Charlotte Horton 8/2/2018


  5. ‘Yahoo has the poorest customer service department that exists. There is no phone number for them and they assume everyone DOES NOT have a land line, just mobile phones with apps. I am so sick of trying to deal with these people. Am assuming they are “joined at the hip” with AT&T. Cannot reach them in any way.

  6. need to reset my password have had this email for 112 or 13 years but do not use the phone numbers on file or the alternate email addys…. please help

  7. Yahoo sucks now. I have been a user of yahoo for my email for years and now I have no way to long into in my account because it says my server password is wrong on my cell and I try to login on my laptop and I get the same crap. I know longer have the phone number I used when signing up and I can’t change it. Yahoo sucks jerk!!!!! Thanks yahoo for losing all my contacts and other info.

  8. What’s wrong with my yahoo mail? I’ve been trying to log in for ages and I simply can’t. I tried calling Yahoo Customer service but apparently the number is no longer in use (to make things worse). I can’t sign in my account to read my e-mails. Can you please inform your clients what’s wrong or at least issue some kind of statement. You guys (Yahoo administration) sucks big time.

  9. I was beginning to think it was just me i can not receive any mails from cell ipad desktop nor laptop where do I go from here even the recovery email don’t recover my mail and they send so e silly message they have lock me out because one my devices is outdated well what about my new device why they said change my password and instill get I a lock out and you want help me to get back in are these really people are computers given out these messages crazy

  10. I received a notice that my account had been compromises and to log on and change pass word found out from from atnd t they couldn’t help and to call you I did and find I have to go online I want to talk to someone directly I’m thinking my account has been hacked

  11. I WANT THEM TOO! Damn phone number was bs answering service saying they only handle their customer service from their piece of S website that doesn’t do crap to help!

  12. im having the same problem i know how u feel and i need it for a game im paying for and cant get into to change the password im so mad and aggravated i havnt found nobody with yahoo to help me

  13. Same hear Ken/ Kat

    I need to update my mobile number also very frustrating Grrr

    Is there any UK contact telephone numbers?

  14. Same here then it says someone will email you soon how can I read an email if I can thm get into my account gave them anthr email address still no reply I’ve had this email address for so long this is crazy and not at all good business

  15. Something very wrong with my email. No customer service via phone & online doe not help with this. f I can’t get into my mail, how can I get a code from Yahoo?

  16. Trying to get my e-mail. Password is not working. They can’t verify my 18 old year phone number.. So I wait for Snail mail. Hoping that reset information is workable. Poor babies can’t afford a huamn type customer service to man the phones and provide cistomer service. They would rather irritate the customers with Customer DISSERVISE!!!!! Or course the CEO probably got a raise because customer service disappeared!!!! I don’t remember my security answers, Its been at least 10 or 12 years!!!! This really really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    John W. Graf

  17. I’m trying too. They are no help. They say one of my security questions was what HS did I go to. I went to one HS and gave them the name and they say it was wrong? WTH? Now you cant get them on the phone

  18. Dear Yahoo Team, Since I changed my email address (without want) no longer receive messages (replies to my messages).

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