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Yahoo Small Business Services helps business owners to sell online with domains, websites, e-commerece sites, and marketing options.

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  1. I want to know how I can separate my domain from my webhosting at I am finding it too difficult to either call, email or find a chat box with yahoo tech services and that is not good business practice

  2. Email not working, All of the on line options do nothing. There is no Yahoo phone number to help me.

    The only live person I could talk to was sales. My email has been down for 5 days and I can’t get in touch with anybody at yahoo. ( Except sales) The help line, no matter what time I call day or night, claims to be overloaded and call back latter.


  3. I am thoroughly disgusted having to email all requests and never getting help, poor customer service indeed. Yahoo never gives a phone number, I would like an option to call a LIVE HUMAN if yahoo has one> Send me a phone number

  4. The add for yahoo small business claims 24hour service but they lie as everyone else has said where is this customer service phone number It doesn’t exist in any place on web site. the best I could get was this website.

  5. are you crazy?yahoo is the worst business i have ever dealt with i have lost 6hrs of time 3 of which was spent waiting for a phone call that never came 2 hours on hold after that and today 7/14/14 only to find out they will only refund 55% of the money i invested in there product i never even got to use if you call that good customer service well i wouldn’t want to be associated with you in summary friday i bought a service from yahoo spent the next two days trying to fix it and today after being fed up with them cancel my service to find out i only get refunded 55% of the money thats the worst business policy i have ever dealt with and i still cant contact anyone in sunnyvale at least with there rivals you can call the main headquarters and get directed in the right direction you must be certifiable to renew or even have your company associated with a company thats treats hard working honest people like that everyone you deal with is a reflection of yourself

  6. Wow, who screwed up Yahoo? Absolutely no customer service, they have deferred to another site. I ahve a small business account with Yahoo, I do not know who Aabaco is, but I am cancelling my account immediately. If you are a Yahoo small business customer, you are probably a small business owner and understand the improtantce of being able to reach someone, a human being ar at least customer support. Yahoo has chosen to isolate itself from customer service, whomever the CEO of Yahoo is should be fired. I am cancelling Yahoo immediately, if you were smart, you would as well. Pathetic customer service, no scratch that, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  7. I can send emails but cannot recive them. I have sent between two of my own email accounts and nothing. So, it’s not a junk email issue or a SPAM blocking issue. It’s simply not working, I need this fixed asap.

  8. You sent non payment notices to the wrong email account. I did not get any of them until I accessed gmail on my new phone. I only use uahoo account normally. I did not realize there was a problem. I did not notice that my bank statements since Oct did not include paying for my account nativeplants-geo. My debit card got updated that month. I want to pay what I owe and update info, but you do not answer phone number you gave me any more and I can not access my wallet since you cancelled my account.

  9. Iam locked out of my mail – iam paying yahoo USD every quarter and i cannot access any help or reply from them they keep taking mty money and will not answer their customer service line !

  10. Good morning,

    Would it be possible if you contact me via email, please. I have some questions about the WebSite we have created through yahoo.

  11. NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: It’s now almost two weeks since I was last able to publish on my website. Trying by phone involves hours of waiting on hold and still no one picks up to help.

  12. I have been trying for hours to get a hold of some one at Yahoo..My problem is..that when you google

    a business Southeast Pain Clinic in Huntersville, brings up the info for the business…except that it has my business telephone number listed!!! This has been going on for 3 years and my business employees get

    interrupted approx 10 times a day by people getting made because the number is not for the pain clinic!!

    My business is Bullfrog Industries not Southeast Pain!!! I think Yahoo needs to reimburse me for 3 years

    of employees pay!! How can I get Yahoo to fix this problem..I have tried to call and call and have been on

    hold for hours..please someone have Yahoo call me to explain what they are going to do..704-892-8585.

  13. I have been billed $131.28 on my visa bill #6304. I need to know what this charge is for. The bill is for Yahoo Small Business 05/03/ 20016

  14. the number above goes to a ‘no longer in service’ recording and they direct you back to the website where you can get no response and no help on billing issues…i had contacted them by phone a few months ago(when i could find a contact number) and told them i wanted to drop my plan down a level to save money and they put me on hold and then hung up…TWICE in a row…no response to emails except the automated response telling you they got your e-mail and could care less about your complaints or questions…had to stop payment to them just to get them to notice and they still wont do anything to resolve issues…very poor service,very disappointed in yahoo small business

  15. Horrible customer service, paid for Yahoo Localworks and after 90 days their own website shows 48 errors. Then although I paid for it, Yahoo said no small business account found so I had to search the Internet for a customer service number. The number listed here is now disconnected the new number is: 1 800 318 0612

  16. I have not been able to get into my website to add anything since yesterday afternoon. My bill is automatically taken out of my bank account, and I wonder what is wrong because I have not changed my website number as seen below.nor have I changed the word and numbers to get into my website Paul. Gerig

  17. I found the address and phone number in the privacy information. I just used the feedback form to see if I can get help that direction first.

  18. Twice I have tried to cancel my web hosting plan through your website. I am still being charged! It will not cancel online despite the fact that the site displays the cancellation complete. I spent over an 1/2 hour on the phone on hold then when I got a real person I could hardly understand their English and they would not believe I had canceled online. Wasted over an hour total to get nowhere. I will not use Yahoo small business again nor would I recommend it. Customer service is terrible.


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