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  1. I just won a fantasy football paid league with the entry 250 and won giving me 1250.00 and I came in 2nd in another league and won 750 , my question is when will i get my money . I would like someone to get back to me thank you

  2. I don’t understand how you can post inaccurate league results when you did not add the points from the Chiefs/Rams game last night. It seems like it should be easy to fix. Also, if you know they are wrong why have results posted at all. There are a lot of other options then Yahoo. You should post an update.

  3. Hi I cannot activate my players in my own fantasy hockey league; the button is frozen. But, it works fine in all others.

    Please fix before season starts thanks.

  4. Why can I not play fantasy again this year, I live in AZ. played last year. We cannot play Draft Kings or FanDual, but Fantasy Football is not illegal nor is it gambling. Other sites let us play, What’s up with Yahoo?

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