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Yahoo Customer Service does offer a phone number to contact them. However, this is only for paid or Pro Yahoo accounts. The best way for free Yahoo accounts to contact Yahoo is through their help website

Yahoo the webs most popular portal and is a huge source of internet news and content. Yahoo’s customer support is not one of their strong points. However, if you are patient and use their online features you can get decent support from Yahoo.

Yahoo is now part of Oath a digital media company that is owned by Verizon. Oath also owns AOL, Tumblr, Outlook, MSN, Huffpost,  Moviephone and many other websites and portals. 

Oath will also run Yahoo email, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Search Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports. 

Yahoo USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Yahoo Pro (Paid Accounts): 1-800-305-7664

Yahoo Customer Service
Yahoo Customer Service
Does Yahoo! offer a customer service phone number?

Yes, they do it is 1-800-305-7664. However this is only for paid Yahoo accounts. You can sign up here and it may be worth it if can’t get help with your free account.

Do you list a page for problems with Yahoo email?

Yes we have a page for Yahoo mail here.

Does Yahoo have a phone number to their corporate offices?

Yes that phone number is 1-408-349-3300. Also, here is a link to comment or review Yahoo’s corporate offices.

Where is the Yahoo Customer Service Contact Us Page?

That is here at this link.

Who owns Yahoo?

Verizon owns Yahoo, they operate the business through an umbrella company called Oath. Oath also operates AOL. 

Are my Yahoo emails Private?

No, your emails are being used by Yahoo/Oath to target advertising to you. This is how they offer free email by charging the advertisers for your data.

Who is the new CEO of Yahoo?

The new CEO is Thomas McInerney. However, the new company will be branded Altaba. This will consist of Yahoo! Japan.

Who started Yahoo?

Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo! at Stanford University in 1994. Yahoo went through the .com bubble of the late 90s and early 2000s and has struggled to keep up with Google and other social websites.

What is the parent company of Yahoo!?

Oath is the parent company of Yahoo! Oath is owned by Verizon.
Oath Inc.
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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1,600 Replies to “Yahoo Customer Service”

  1. It is easy to see why Yahoo is declining. It is absolutely the worst internet company I have ever dealt with. All I want to do is change my credit card information. Trying to figure out how to do that is next to impossible. I guess I’ll wait until the card expires then they will send me an email.

  2. Since new internet, I have difficult time staying on line. Yahoo. won’t keep my comments on other stories. They want tell us to call and be charged a lot of money to get fixed. They can send men to the moon, etc. but we can’t get a decent connectiuon.

  3. To yahoo I haven’t been able to get any of my emails for days I keep getting a message your user name or password for yahoo is incorrect you can contact me via my back up email at I would like some help here the email I’m having problem with is

  4. This is horrible. We pay enough to feel half way secure. Is this a made up thing for more money. Who knows who hacked anf from where???? You need a better way!!!!!!! I am very dissatisfied. People are having trouble changing their PASSWORDS AND IT TAKING IT, PLEASE DOSOMETHING1111111

  5. You have been hacked. I changed my e-mail as you suggested. Now you refuse to recognize my new passcode. Therefore I cannot use yahoo.

    You do not ASK me- you give me STUPID issues.

    I need a person to do this.

    A form computer is NOT doing this.

    Don’t forget, don’t forget I CANNOT GET INTO YAHOO ANY LONGER.


  6. I too have been locked out of my mail. I don’t know what to do either. I haven’t found a good contact yet has anyone else. Please share if you have.

    I can’t imagine how many emails are piling up in my inbox. I’m so craped right now I could scream. Arggg!

  7. Yahoo’s customer service sucks. I was told to change my password. After doing so, it screwed up all the devices (laptop, phone, ipad). After I finally found a correct phone number to call (all numbers on their website are disconnected), I was told in order to fix it, it would cost over $100. I didn’t have a choice at the moment as I needed this for my livelihood. After checking my credit card statement, they also charged me an international TXN fee. I will be disputing these charges. Since their system was hacked, I should not pay for their errors/mistakes.

  8. I’ve spent five hours & five gallons of gas to change my password.,access help from yahoo.Yahoo is a very disappointiing company.Fool me once,shame on you.Fool me twice,Shame on Me.

  9. I have forgotten my password and when I received notice that my account may have been hacked i tried to get help from the company. At some point my phone number changed and without the password I cannot put the correct number in. So I get the Uh-oh. It is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with. One would think there are other pertinent things that could be verified.

    I say boo to you Yahoo.

  10. I could access email through the Yahoo site (by Safari) or by MAIL prior to the recent incident. My account was blocked all day yesterday until ~ 7PM when the MAIL became active. The yahoo site through Safari would not connect me to the email.

    I inadvertently deleted an email on my iMac MAIL and tried to use the yahoo site to try to salvage the email. The site will not let me on due to several problems:

    1.The Yahoo ID consists of the first part of my email address. The site stated that the ID # could not be part of the address. I have had this account for several years without problems.

    2. I have cellular and land line telephone numbers, neither of which can be used for texting.

    3. All the telephone numbers listed for your company have been canceled.

    I would like to correct the email problem. Please contact me through email on what I can do to re-establish email communication by Safari.

  11. We have been possibly screwed by the hackers and now one more screw by yahoo. I have been trying to close my account for 5 hours and I keep getting. Sorry the password is not working and it is the one that I was given by the computer. . I have enjoyed yahoo for the past 4 years, but now I am beginning to think of you all like I think of the hackers. Just get your s together and maybe we will come back, but you cannot hold someone with tricks that are so obvious.

  12. hi I’ve been trying to open my e-mail which there is a security issue and with all being said I get sent to some foreign country and the guy gives me the same answer instead of fixing my problem he’s trying to sell me an e-mail security product , I just want it fixed and I shouldn’t have to through this. I have e-mail security and I want it open please I give you guys an 8 for customer service but this guy got me very upset with what he was saying to me, I realize there is a security question along with it I will call tomorrow to see if we can resolve the issue thanks-frank from CT

  13. Call Better Business Bureau, ask if they can assist. When I get into Yahoo, not 2 minutes goes buy, and I get kicked off the internet & have to start over. At times, I miss the article I was reading. SLOW, my computer is slow. I think they may be going thru changes, but none to benefit their customers. I’ve written to them several times. THEY NEVER ANSWER ANY OF M EMAILS. if I CALL, THEY TELL ME THEY HAVE TO CHARGE TO BETTER MY CONNECTION. WHATEVER. may be best to try new email. Friends I know go to gmail, etc. Good Luck.

  14. Have you had any luck finding your emails. I too have lost three years of emails, plus some were missing from my folders. I need to get mine back also. I found a couple of phone numbers but some have a recording and the others no one answers!

  15. do ou like for some one using your soft wear to cute me up and my unborn child killing me and 6 other kids that look like m ine I opened this account I also got why wont it give me soft wear and people keep stealing off of me

  16. Come on Yahoo. Remember, marathon half of the United States voted for Trump. Time for you to stop bashing him. Unless you want to lose me as a Yahoo user and maybe many more users.

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