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Yahoo Customer Service does offer a phone number to contact them. However, this is only for paid or Pro Yahoo accounts. The best way for free Yahoo accounts to contact Yahoo is through their help website

Yahoo the webs most popular portal and is a huge source of internet news and content. Yahoo’s customer support is not one of their strong points. However, if you are patient and use their online features you can get decent support from Yahoo.

Yahoo is now part of Oath a digital media company that is owned by Verizon. Oath also owns AOL, Tumblr, Outlook, MSN, Huffpost,  Moviephone and many other websites and portals. 

Oath will also run Yahoo email, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Search Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports. 

Yahoo USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Yahoo Pro (Paid Accounts): 1-800-305-7664

Yahoo Customer Service
Yahoo Customer Service
Does Yahoo! offer a customer service phone number?

Yes, they do it is 1-800-305-7664. However this is only for paid Yahoo accounts. You can sign up here and it may be worth it if can’t get help with your free account.

Do you list a page for problems with Yahoo email?

Yes we have a page for Yahoo mail here.

Does Yahoo have a phone number to their corporate offices?

Yes that phone number is 1-408-349-3300. Also, here is a link to comment or review Yahoo’s corporate offices.

Where is the Yahoo Customer Service Contact Us Page?

That is here at this link.

Who owns Yahoo?

Verizon owns Yahoo, they operate the business through an umbrella company called Oath. Oath also operates AOL. 

Are my Yahoo emails Private?

No, your emails are being used by Yahoo/Oath to target advertising to you. This is how they offer free email by charging the advertisers for your data.

Who is the new CEO of Yahoo?

The new CEO is Thomas McInerney. However, the new company will be branded Altaba. This will consist of Yahoo! Japan.

Who started Yahoo?

Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo! at Stanford University in 1994. Yahoo went through the .com bubble of the late 90s and early 2000s and has struggled to keep up with Google and other social websites.

What is the parent company of Yahoo!?

Oath is the parent company of Yahoo! Oath is owned by Verizon.
Oath Inc.
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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1,600 Replies to “Yahoo Customer Service”

  1. I have problem to find my pass word because I forgot the phone number and I do not have access to that email

    In the meanwhile I don’t want to loose my Id I use this email for 15 years

  2. Hi several years ago my husband purchased extra email space..I don’t know why. Ever since yahoo is billing him..that is now over 10 years. We have changed credit card companies and they are still able to charge him..our problem now is they are saying that Verizon has taken over yahoo and for him to retrieve his mail or do anything through yahoo he has to pay.. they have him locked out. How do we solve this problem thank you Toni

  3. plz someone help me i cant log in on my phone thanks to the stupid updated they did i wont know to what phone number they sending meseges to please i need to speak to someone

  4. U dont get any stars. U need to have a number so people can call. How in the hell can u get a answer back if u cant get in to the account. Guess will have to call government offices to file complaint against yall. Cant access account to see any mail. Its a bunch of bullcrap. Had account 20 yrs i aint goin to change my login or password

  5. Need to address bad review of business of prior owner of business that i purchased.

    the address of avenue automotive has changed ,the address that yahoo has listed is incorrect.

    the correct address is 4925-30th avenue in Kenosha wi.. 53144

  6. I an tired of the negative news spot on our president and his family, come on media a nd that includes Yahoo. What about helping unify our great country. I need positive comments and news, Do you not want Him to do well?

  7. I have tried all the online help and have given up on my yahoo mail account. They try to send a new password reset to an old e-mail I haven’t had in years and jut don’t have time to screw with the stupidity.

  8. Hello Yahoo:

    I have a new computer an would like to sign back in,

    but there is one problem, YOU.

    My e-mail is,


    Due to system I can’t get back in.


    The is the only way I can HEAR FROM YOU????????

  9. I am unable to get into my yahoo account because it may have been hacked. I can not remember my password from over 15 years ago. Went through the help pages and I keep on going round and round. After carefully reading everything, the security questions which I answered correctly, do not get me into my account because they have been disabled according to the help page. I am able to get my e-mail on my IPad because it remembers my password. I would like to get my e-mail on desktop and Kindle fire.

    Please help, I have been trying every password that I could remember. I did not have a cell phone at the time or an alternative e-mail address.

    Help! I am unable to find a tech phone number and have been trying to figure this out for the past 3 days.

  10. Because, I don’t text; I cannot retrieve my mobil phone code, so I can log In Can they call me on my

    cell… I lost aal my I nformation in a flood or, my cousin”s phone #

    His name is : Tom

  11. i couldnt agree more have same problem with another twist my cell number comes up with someone elses name and when i went through all the prompts i end up in that persons email i can read it. l go through all the steps u did same results no number to call, go to a supposed support page where u describe your problem and when i press submit goes to login page where i cant login lost all my email unreal these people like u say are hiding.

  12. Forget the so called Help System – it keeps telling me go to my mail which of course I cannot because I forgot I keep going back and forth. This system does not work, maybe for you but not for us out here. I have spent quite sometime trying to get this done and it isn’t working. Give me a phone number so I can ask a real person. Do you ever respond to us out here in the real world. A lot of good to give you my e-mail address as I couldn’t get into the mail anyway

  13. My email I had for years has been hacked. My email address is When my account got hacked my outgoing email address has been changed by the hackers to I tried to fix it but it will not let me. Can you fix it please? Also when logging in it says Yahoo Phillipy ? Why is that? I live in the USA? Thanks

  14. My email is constantly asking for a new password and will not let me open my account. I also would like to speak with a real person..where is your customer service???

  15. My email is constantly asking for a new password and will not let me open my account. I also would like to speak with a real person..where is your customer service???

  16. I’m having no luck getting my email to come up on my Verizon tablet. Yahoo does not seem to recognize my password for the below email address and won’t let me sign in. How can I correct this problem or can I switch to a yahoo app that would solve the my problem. If so how do I switch apps.

  17. I have same problems as the previous comments. How can I get my email? I have followed all the instructions and nothing changes. I can’t change my password in any window you send me to or with any browser I change my computer to at your suggestion. I have very important correspondence that I can’t get to. My house caught on fire and the insurance sent forms for me to fill out and I can’t retrieve them.

  18. My mother is 81 years old and for some reason changed her email pass word, however she has forgot it. Now she cannot get into her email. How can we get this reset? I have her I.D. and her old pass word.

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