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Yellowbox Customer Service Phone Number for Support and Help.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PT.


Address: 3230 E. Imperial Hwy. Ste. 300 Brea, California 92821 United States

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  1. Shoe sizes on Yellowbox how do I choose a size?

    Yellow Box products run true to their stated sizes (as opposed to “vanity” sizes that are sometimes seen with fashion apparel). Unless otherwise stated, all Yellow Box shoes are designed to accommodate a standard, medium-width fit. Individual design and manufacturing may occassionally result in some deviations from this, but in general this is reliable place to start.

    That being said, bear in mind that is only a guideline. Some styles are purposely designed for a looser and more casual fit, whereas others are a closer and more designer fit. Looking at the product itself will often give a very good indication of whether they will, by design, run a closer or looser fit. We do our best to identify any particular fit peculiarities in the product notes whenever possible.

  2. I need to change or cancel my shoe order

    From Yellowbox FAQS

    If you would like to change or cancel an order, please call our offices as soon as possible. If you are ordering outside of our normal working hours, then do send us an email referencing your order number (found at the end of checkout, or on your receipt which was emailed to you), and detail the changes you would like to make, and your contact information if possible. We will do our best to make the changes before your order is shipped out.

    Be advised that changing an order may impact your order’s eligibility in any discounts or promotions that were available at the time of ordering. Also, if you are cancelling an order, be advised that the process of refunding to your account may require additional processing time by your credit card company.

  3. Parts fell off of my Yellowbox shoes, can i get new pieces?

    From their FAQ

    With the size and ever-changing nature of Yellow Box’s product catalog, we generally do not maintain a ready supply of spare parts for all our products. Nonetheless, we’d be happy to take a look for you, but please accept our apologies beforehand if we are unable to locate it for you.

    Be sure to include current pictures, the style name, and the approximate original date of purchase when you contact us. This information will greatly improve our odds of finding the right part.

  4. How do I return my shoe order to Yellowbox?

    Call them at 1-888-279-3600

    or from their FAQ’s

    We certainly hope that you love every item you purchase from us, but we know that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That’s ok — we have a couple of ways that can hopefully make things right for you. Please see our dedicated page for returns and exchanges for much more information.

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