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Yelp is a local online directory. Founded in 2004, Yelp helps people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists and mechanics.

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  1. I just want my 155 great reviews back that you guys took away from my business, i tried to called several of times and no answer, you are hurting my business so much!!!!

  2. Yelp has removed 58 reviews the last three weeks. All five star . Of course they keep the few bad ones. I all they have removed 115 Just this year. We tried to call To socias this with them and they were rude and hung up. There is a petition out there against yelp. When we tried to tell Them that this is taking business from us at the 10% a week level they got angry and said then yelps not for you and hung up. Class action lawsuit sounds good to me. They said they’ve tightened up their algorithms. But they’ve done is gonadter some businesses and not others and I noticed the ones they don’t take a lot away from are the ones that pay for ads. I’m so frustrated that they would take away my five stars and I can prove every single one is legitimate. Every single one is a client. Lots of them have plenty of reviews and friends. It’s all lies, lies that we are reliant on for our businesses to flourish. If anyone decides to do a class action I’m in. Don’t start with Yelp people become reliant on it and then it’s too late. They were so adamant that there algorithms catch the lives so we put two Separate reviews on that we’re not legitimate that they let stay on that we Ultimately took off to test them. They allowed them to stay as good reviews and we removed them 6 months later. Algorithms are false.

    1. We would join the lawsuit we have the same issue but cannot find an attorney that would take the case they are rude they make false accusations and have been soliciting us to pay them so they can put the reviews back

    2. I have 198 5 star reviews that are all taken down for NO REASON!!!!!
      I can PROVE THIS!!! Not one person wants to help us. It is so sad. We work SO HARD for our reviews…. WHY do they want to hurt us? YELP, why do you want to hurt us?????

  3. NO ONE has even an e-mail address to contact Yelp??? It is WAY past time to SUE Yelp for it’s defamation of businesses! Someone get a class action lawsuit against this fraud company!

  4. it is a horrible service . we have clients to review on our business and yelp took of all the rating. I thought it is a freedom to review to make the business realize and getting to know about the customer .

  5. ‘Yelp will listen to someone who is angry for not getting there a way ( weight limit) was this case….that has a few friends to back them ( from the same day they are angry about ) and try to destroy a business. yelp will post what they say right or wrong to help them destroy a business without doing the research to back up what that angry person has said. yelp doesn’t care if its true 🙁 A company can have 20 excellent reviews and they will post the bad ones with no mention of any of the good reviews. I have lots of great reviews and they choose to post only a few untrue false ones. I gave them one star because at least it helps my business be found online. I was able to add my photos and give some information about my company. My customers have told me they saw the bad comments wrote a good review and could see it never got posted.

  6. ‘To Yelp, CA

    My name is Alex Helmi, I am the president of Damoka L.A. Inc.

    We are in the business of selling hi end handmade oriental rugs for last 26 years in the same location, during all this years we did not have any complains with thousands of clients.

    Last week I noticed that some body is claiming that we are very dishonest people which I started to search who is writing things like this which can damage our business name which has been in the business all this time without anything like this, then I find out that the person who is writhing this is Khosrov and company called American Security Enterprises,Inc whom 7 years ago we ask them to put security cameras in our gallery.

    We made a contract for $8000.00 for complete system and during insulation we paid them $6000.00 and the balance when everything finished and working.

    Unfortunately this guy and his company is very dishonest, they used very chip cameras and the used equipment’s was refurbished and the system was not working as he promised and we got in argument and he left and never came back and we had to get somebody else and new equipment’s to finish the job, but the cameras are not very clear pictures which he promised.

    Now after 7 years he abuse the system and trying to give bad name to our company which is the business of oriental rugs.

    This guy had all this years if we were in faults in any ways he could file a law suit in small claim or take some actions in last 7 years, nothing now he is abusing and using you web for free to bad name our good name.

    I ask you please remove this none sense claim out your web ASAP.

    If you need to talk with us, I am available

    1. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT US GETTING HURT…. everyone here is complaining but what are you doing about it?????

  7. ‘I have a small business and for the past two weeks I been trying to reply to two reviws from customer that are making my business look bad and I want to give the readers both side of the story.Yelp does not let me write back because they say my picture was not approved. They say that they can’t see my face and to remove my glasses. The part that makes me mad that the photos are clear and I don’t even wear glasses. I have submitted a total of 4 pictures and none have been approved. I contacted customer service and they said they started a case but I did not get a case number to follow up did not get a follow up confirmation that they are working on the proble. I requested to speak to a manager and I was told managers can’t do anything. Why have a manager than. I was finally transferred but I knew I would just get a voice mail its a classic to get rid of you. Before I got transferred I asked how for the time frame of a call back and I was told probably 24 hours that she meaning the manager was pretty good in returning calls. A company that big with stocks don’t follow a call back protacall and let the employees decide weather to call back or not. There has to be a time frame to solve the problem and call backs and escalation team. Long story short I did not get call back.

    Worst thing about this that no one might even read this but they will use it for training and my problem will not be solved.

    I asked to be removed from yelp if they can’t solve my problem and I was told they won’t do it.

    What can I do?

  8. O.K. This is the deal my friend. Because will not let our company respond to any review. I’ve tried many times to straightened out a couple bad reviews. We are looking to hold Yelp liable for the damages that’s been done to our business since 2014. Once, we hire legal counsel we will never, never back down until our case is resolved. It’s O.k to get a bad review, we understand that entirely. But, when Yelp will not allow the business to resolve or respond to the complaint. That’s intentional on Yelps part. I’ve been trying for the last year to respond to these complaints. We are craped here. You can’t publish a business and allow reviews if the business can’t respond. We can’t respond. Our legal team will be sending Yelp a ceist and desist order as well as the legal parameters of the case to follow. Get out your wallet, YOU WILL PAY !

    1. What happened with this? I’m so sorry that you have been hurt so bad. We have been hurt as well…. if we can help please contact us at on WhatsApp or regular text. Thank you!

  9. The worst costumer service in the world.i talk whith a few representative (Erica,Alex Aguler)they are Ruth to me .after I complain about their service they just don’t want to talk and drop my call.

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