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Yelp is a local online directory. Founded in 2004, Yelp helps people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists and mechanics.

Yelp Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

140 New Montgomery Street 9th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

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7 Replies to “Yelp Customer Service”

  1. I’ve canceled yelp and they are still charging my account to top it off this is a new business and they said I owe about 300.$in advertising when no one has even called no way

    1. That is exactly what happened to me as well!! Charged me way over when i cancelled the 1st!! New business as well! Yelp is a JOKE

  2. Hi
    I get many reviews from my clients I don’t know way you take all to non recommend
    All reviews are real , and honestly . Its not acceptable from me to delete my review i like to hear from you way !!!!!

  3. I posted my review of the establishment and it was negative. The business owner has had the. Review removed citing that I was never there even when I have pictures and the first line reads when I walked inside the restaurant. I called Yelp and they suggested I repost. The owner replied to my comment and it reads this is what really happened but I wasn’t there. Now the owner is stalking me and my followers on This site and Facebook and linked in.

    Business owners can absolutely can have negative posts removed. Mine have been

  4. I have my company posted on yelp when ever I do a tow I ask people if there happy with my service to leave me a review all of my reviews that are from customer are in the not recommended I would like for the reviews to be seen I open my yelp so more people would see my small business I have about 12 reviews and none of them show up

  5. I have past reviews on my account that have been deleted for public view. I also have had reviews that clients have left that do not show on my account and says review or reviews are not recommended. I would like to know why this is not available for my public viewing or prospective clients viewing and why I have clients leaving reviews that are not posting.

    Please reply in how to fix this issue.

    1. Recently I have many customers leave review but do not show on my account!I am wondering why that can not show on my account!we serve the customer for few years,then finally leave good review for us,why their review can not show on that

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