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  1. ‘I am an applicant for Family a packaged Membership, and I am experiencing the suddenly gruesome process of registering my son for the Summer Camp that the Downers Grove Location Offers. During this time of registering my dependent, I have experienced terribly unprofessional results, if any results at all.

    I hand delivered case sensitive requested documents pertaining my dependent’s registration requirements as requested. I placed a follow-up call to the facility two days later, and I received a voice mail from Devin Williams, the Program Coordinator, stating that my papers were misplaced and unable to be found. Devin also stated that there was a possibility that I was approved for a scholarship. These lost documents consisted of medical documents, etc.

    Devin Williams placed a voice mail to my direct contact on April 24th, I returned her call on the same day; leaving her a voice mail in return with an email simultaneously sent to assure that my message was received. Another message was left for both Devin Williams and her Superior, Robin (Last name unknown) regarding my concerns. Neither staff members returned my calls or emails, although this was an urgent matter regarding my misplaced documents and determination of the scholarship.

    On May 8th, (today) I placed a call to the Downers Grove location upon multiple attempts and was finally successful at speaking with Devin Williams. During my time of speaking with Devin she was very unprofessional in her tone of voice, took it very lightly that sensitive documents were misplaced, and took no responsibility in her lack of following up regarding my calls and emails. Hence, there is a 15-day delay in her response. There would continue to be no progress in my case had I not placed a follow-up call. During my phone conversation with Devin, I expressed my frustrations and concerns with why I was a grievous customer attributed to the unprofessional encounters I had with her and other staff members. Devin Williams continued to take no responsibility and ignored my request when I asked her to expedite my wishes due to the lack of professionalism and lack of efforts.

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