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Your Other Warehouse or YOW is the country’s premier master distributor serving kitchen and bath dealers and showrooms with over 500,000 decorative faucets, fixtures and accessories. With U.S. based customer support professionals on hand to personally serve you (no answering machine!), impeccable service is always certain.

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  1. ‘We have a broken porcelain handle to a bathtub faucet assembly that is marketed under the name Elizabethan Classic. The part number is ECTWSN. I found it in YOW parts book this morning ar TM Odonell’s in Beltsville, Maryland. The porcelain cross handle backside is hexagonal. Can I get this part from you? Since it broke, perhaps there is a way to get just a replacement handle w/o buying the whole assembly?

  2. I have ordered 3 times for cellular shades (27.5 X 48 from Home Depot and have received (29 X48) and they were shipped from your company. You apparently have an incorrect screw number and I can not seem to get it straightened out through HD. therefore, I am going directly to the shipper. It is not my error, they even say they are shipping 27.5 and get 29 inches. Where do I go from here?

  3. Received toilet lid cover but unfortunately a very obvious missing paint spot about 3/4″ in length on the lid itself. Can you send paint for it or we shall have to return it. Please answer promptly as we need the lid and seat replaced pronto. Thank you. We did appreciate the prompt shipment but cannot keep the lid cover in the condition it is in. What can you do?

  4. I am very surprised to see that no response has been provided from Your other warehouse to my various attempts to get help. I hope Customer Service can take a personal look at my case and help me as this company has not made any attempt to help…I am looking for a positive response and action from this company.

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