YouTube Customer Service Telephone Number


Youtube is the leader in online video. Youtube is owned by Google. Most issues are solved using’s Online help service.

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

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140 Replies to “YouTube Customer Service Telephone Number”

  1. I want to know what causes you tube videos on any channel,facebook (etc)the picture is so big you can’t watch the video. how can I change this?

  2. please can u stop using my email address ad can you track the person who is using my email address for rude messeges on your service for me many thanks


  3. september 27 2015: youtube has changed the player so the player control panel only stays in view when I mouse over it and even then, it only stays in view for 5 seconds and then it disappears. if I want it to stay in view all the time, I have to keep the mouse moving over it constantly. i really wish youtube would put the video player control panel back to being in view all the time without covering any of the picture and I would not have to keep the mouse moving constantly over it in order to keep it in view. why did youtube auto hide the player control panel? at least put the player control panel back to being in view as long as I hold the mouse over it and I would not have to keep the mouse constantly moving in order to keep the control panel in view, but it would be even better if youtube would put the player control panel back to being in view all the time without covering any of the picture

  4. why has youtube blocked all of Stephanie arne’s “wild kingdom” videos? when I click on any of them, the player says it has been blocked in my country and I live in the united states of America. they were not blocked a few days ago. maybe someone at youtube blocked them or obama blocked them. blocking any videos is totally unfair and very mean and it stinks like stinky socks. it seems like someone wants to take over the united states and maybe the whole world just like scar took over the pridelands in “the lion king”. why do some videos get blocked?

  5. what’s with YOUTUBE screwing people over by not allowing a TV or blue ray device to play your videos? Is some TV company paying you do to this so they’ll think we will buy a new tv? I hope somebody with a lot of money decides to take you idiots to court. This should not be allowed. I hope you all can live with yourselves over this pathetic service to the subscribers.

    IS this your way to maybe start charging customers?

  6. I was wondering if anyone can tell me why, when I make a post on some you tube vids, the post I make is there when I am signed in to my account, but when I sign out, the post is not there. It does not do that on every vid, just some of them. Anybody tell me this happens? Thanks

  7. I am trying to watch YouTube on my roku and tv combo and it keeps buffering and stopping,my router output is 12gb. Now on my iPad it starts buffering and I click on the little gear symbol and change the 1080 I to 720 i to 480 i to 360 i or 240 I and it works great, but I can’t find that little gear symbol on my YouTube setting on the roku and tv hook up. Most every thing else streams fine except YouTube , I have a new sceptre 50″ inch t.v and a 2 yr. old roku 2, I can’t find anyway to change the setting on the t.v or the roku 2 box for 1080 i,780 i ,360 i ,240 i ,ect.ect.ect. PLEASE HELP ME STOP BUFFERING.

  8. I made a site and put free downloadable files of my ESL video classes (complete course) to help people learn english for free. I`ve never used utube but people are now telling me someone has taken my free video classes and is making money with them on utube….WTF! Any ideas of what to do or do i just bend over a little more and spread a little wider….

  9. I have a new youtube account and my website is I signed up on youtube as ACGSPORTS But when I google it the acgsports that shows up is not mine and i can n ot find mine please help



  11. I would like to know why YouTube has removed The Mod Squad videos from the internet. I really love the show, and it should be posted back on the internet. I would love to see it again.

  12. what causes “an error occurred. please try again later” on youtube? it has happened to me when I click on a video to watch it and sometimes times it has happened while I’m watching a video. it doesn’t happen every time but I hate when it does happen. how can I keep it from happening?

  13. hello youtube having trouble logging in to my youtube account, it keeps saying that the username or password is not correct, then I tried the same with my google plus and it says that the email to my account does not exist or there’s no account to that email. but that’s the account I’ve been using for years, my youtube channel is still there Mrjohnhicks1 just can’t get to it

  14. sometimes the youtube player is the kind where the control panel is auto-hidden and the only way I can get it to stay in view is to mouse over it and keep the mouse constantly moving. if the control panel has to be auto-hidden, it should be the kind I can get to stay in view by just holding the mouse over it without having to keep the mouse constantly moving. I wish youtube would put the video player control panel back to being in view all the time without covering any of the videos. it was like that months ago, but then in august 2015 it was changed to being auto hidden. why is the control panel auto hidden?

  15. Youtube customer service, I’m getting inappropriate YouTube videos on my list of option to pick from. Is there a way I could delete and/or block them?

  16. I posted a video on an old account of mine but I can’t remember the password and I don’t remember enough information about my account to recover it the only thing I can remember is my username and the video I posted is embarrassing and is causing problems for me at school is there any way I can get it takes down

  17. my video was deleted saying that it contains in appropriate content, and am quite sure that it does not contain any inappropriate content, sso how should I know what inappropriate content was actually their In my video,so that I can be careful in apploading next videos

  18. I am trying to get my channel noticed by anyone and so far I have had NO VIEWS and NO SUBSCRIBERS because my videos aren’t even on YouTube when I specifically clicked the settings for them to be public!!!! Please fix this problem or you will hear from my lawyer. Thank you.

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