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  1. “I don’t know if that the way you deal with your customers-to hang up on them!

    I returned my ZAAP box to you which wasn’t working to be replaced with a working one while it was still under warranty.and It’s entitled to this replacement.

    At first, back in November you said that you’ll replace the box with the new one in December.I didn’t get any box so I called you again in January and you asked for $50 in cash or check to be sent in mail to you for you to mail me the new box.Two months passed and still nothing except an e_mail you’re asking for more money to be sent!.

    I requested to send me a new box as the same model I sent back to you and to refund me my $50 I paid you and this is the right thing to do!,You said that you’ll send me the same box I returned.Is that what warranty means to you.

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