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  1. “I don’t know if that the way you deal with your customers-to hang up on them!

    I returned my ZAAP box to you which wasn’t working to be replaced with a working one while it was still under warranty.and It’s entitled to this replacement.

    At first, back in November you said that you’ll replace the box with the new one in December.I didn’t get any box so I called you again in January and you asked for $50 in cash or check to be sent in mail to you for you to mail me the new box.Two months passed and still nothing except an e_mail you’re asking for more money to be sent!.

    I requested to send me a new box as the same model I sent back to you and to refund me my $50 I paid you and this is the right thing to do!,You said that you’ll send me the same box I returned.Is that what warranty means to you.

  2. Be ware of this company. It’s only wants you to buy the box and they don’t care about anything else. Bad company, bad service, 0 rating for extremely poor service. I have tried to get them to replace a remote for me because it stopped working. I send them email, they responded CALL YOUR DEALER and i am the dealer, i responded back I am the dealer, as if they fell out of existence , did not hear back from them at all. I called once and finally someone answered, I told him the problem, he said he is going to talk to the owner and he said he is going to send me another, I made sure he know my address. Did not see the remote and did not hear back.. BE WARE !!!!!!!!!!!BE WARE!!!!!!!!!OF THIS COMPANY AND ANY COMPANY THAT SELLS THESE PRODUCT.

  3. worst device and worst customer service ever, its a trap. Dont ever buy it! I wish there was less than ine star to leave for review

  4. Dear. Sir I bought 509. Zaaptv remote 209 in 2014 now I have problem streaming era:404 in South Sudan I though you guys could help me to tell me how can I fix this era. Thank you

  5. don’s buy this item ,,, i bought one its very bad doesn’t work and every time i try to call them to see whats going on, they don’t answer….. save your money don’t get it its not worth it at all ,, its just wast of money.

  6. i would really recommend every body here to go ahead and plan to file a sue case again those guys, go check online and see how many people are complaining about zaaptv and how that no one will answer the phone.

    we should take those guys to the court for all the trouble and bad costumer service that they are offering. they should bee responsible for their product, they should know that doing business here in the usa is way different from doing it some where else. i need some help from a lawyer to get a case ready, any one that you know can help please let me know.

    email address:

  7. I have ZAAPTV 500. it is supposed to the state of the art. It is breaking up all the time. You can not view any news or movies without breaking up. Please do some thing. This is not for your public relations.

  8. Why always MBC channels are lost and why there is no link at Zaapp Tv website to download these stupidg channels

    it is horrible service

    get an I-Star receiver it is much better and you will pay around 140$ per year but channels are granted

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