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3855 So. 500 W. Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84115-4279
United States

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  1. ‘My experience with Customer Service was excellent. This is a company that meet my expectations PLUS . Customer Service representative, Chris was friendly, informative and treated me with the upmost respect as we discussed my problem. Having taught customer service for over 35 years, I would recommend the company and its service representative Chris as a 5 plus.

  2. ‘This product sucks … the shield should come with some type of edge protector for the price. Does not stay on and I have AT&T put it on. I am on my 3rd on and its pealed up. Ive got to keep rest on with Scotch tape. Crap esp. for the price

  3. folowed the instalation process in the instructions the aplication gel wipe made it streaky and the air bubbles would not come out i was afraid id break my screen trying to get them out,,,,i had to pull it off totally junk

  4. I am trying to get my cover replaced for my galaxy Samsung tablet 2 10.1 inch. screen . Am able to call a toll free number ?

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