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7/6/2013 Zales - My husband purchased a celebration 102 diamond
My husband purchased a celebration 102 diamond wedding ring for over 5,000 and he passed away 2 weeks later. The ring had not been worn and I had the original sales receipt. It took me going through corporate just to be able to get a credit at a zales store. I wanted the money back and not a store credit. This is not possible I was told. NEVER NEVER do business with zales on line or in the store. They have no compassion or do they honor their own 100 day return policy. I will never shop at zales again. very unhappy the ring was the best quality they had and it was not up to par either. PLEASE TAKE THIS WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!RUN

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1/10/2013 Zales customer service review for 2013 1/11/13
Zales customer service review for 2013

Hello, I was in your Farmington New Mexico store tonight and you had two young ladies sitting on your jewelry counters. It was very unprofessional to me I decided not to purchase anything because I was ignored. I really enjoy going to zales and purchasing jewelry, I will not be returning.

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