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  1. no stars. The company stinks stinks and stinks again. I see my coments will not be put on the list because you know what lousey service you give to people who purchase retail. You hide behindt the computer by not offering a phone number to anyone who purchases from a store. There is no personal contact to explain about a problem. If someone buys thru the internet you have a phone number with live human beings answering the phone but nothing for retail customers. I plan to tell anyone I know DO NOT BUY AT ZARA!!!!

  2. It has been about 4 weeks since I ordered, but haven’t got it, went to the store at Ottawa Canada and they said they couldn’t track it

  3. Today I went in to buy a bottle of perfume called “white”. there was one box left and it had a sale price on it. I asked a man who was folding clothes if there was a tester and if this is the correct price and he told me to wait int he line to get the price and try the tester. Forty-four (yes, 44) minutes later after I get up to the line they told me they couldn’t sell it because it was a “lost” item and it would mess up their books. REALLY? Mess up your books? I guess you just don’t care that I spend the better part of a lunch break, not to mention walking down 5th avenue at noon only to be turned away. I will never shop here again and will tell everyone I know in the fashion industry (and I know PLENTY, I’m a show and accessory designer) to never shop here.

  4. I purchased a pair of boots from Zara. Have since returned the boots, Zara claims they never received the item and do not know the tracking number they issued me inside of the box to track the boots, Why would they not know the number issued to each box, lets face it, these pre-fixed pre-paid slips are issued from the company, why would they not be able to locate the package at all. Seems like someone helped their self to a free pair of boots at my expense.

    Never ever again, if I return anything to zara again, that’s if I even decide to shop with them again, I will wrap the package in black paper, maybe this way they will not know the item is shoes, lets face it, we all know a shoe box when we see one.

  5. Recently I purchased more than $ 700 from zara located in valley fair mall in San Jose. One of the blazers was a little big. I cut off the tag since I was thinking I am gone keep it. Then I changed my mind to go for smaller size. Today I went back to store just after two business day of purchase. The manager said we can’t exchange it because you cut the tag. That was the worst customer service that I have ever received in my life. I will never buy anything from this company anymore. If you don’t change this type of customer service you will lose so many customer everyday. train your employee and your manager how treat your customers. all your employee even manager in San Jose store are very rude, they hardly say hello or smile to customer. Change your customer service and you will see how it can affect your sales.

  6. Zara Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur poor customer service. Only one cashier counter opened. Rest just look around though long que of customers. Either on phone or arranging clothes!

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