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  1. I called tonight to have your rep help me fix my dvd machine and he seemed unconcerned and did not help me at all. I kept telling him I had a problem with the remote and he kept telling me to take it to a have a tech rep look at it, which will cost as much as the machine is worth. I am very upset with Zenith. My DVD player has no picture because I mashed a button in setup I should not have and I can’t get setup to come up again.

  2. I got a terrible answer. The volume on my Zenith console became very low. In diagnosing the problem the person answering my call needed more information. All possibilities of the sound must be only so many. Carl Sandburg the American poet wrote that Chicago was the hog butcher of the world.In his time the whole country would send their livestock there to butcher them and send them back butchered for a price. I wonder about the great fire the cow started. An omen of vengeance and justice. One cow and how much damage. How about Adolf Hitler.One man against 6 million Jews. How one cow can do it.or one man. Truly outnumbered. Maybe this problem will cause the same.

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