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  1. Is Zephyrhills having a problem with the bottles sturdiness? I’m a long time drinker of this water, and don’t want to have to switch, but in the last 4-5 months, the bottles are not solid and standing straight when you put them on a table or any flat surface, they fall over now. I get the 35 count from BJS warehouse and I must say they are not as sturdy as they use to be. Has there been any more complaints about this? During an Event I’m Hosting, I don’t need water bottles that are leaning to one side falling over on the Customers.

  2. ‘Have been a user of Zephyrills water and it is fine.I just decided ti try some of the flavored zephyrills water and what a disappointment, every flavor in the case has a bitter taste. Have you added something to the water like a tonic. Never again

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