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Zero Water?s patented 5-stage ion-exchange filter delivers the only filtered water to measure absolute 000 on the TDS meter.

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  1. TDS tester only lasts about a month. Take batteries out, replace with new, doesn’t work Get a new one. Same thing happened again. I cannot afford to get a new tester every month and new filters.

  2. Hi, I recently purchased a 23-cup ZD-018 unit. I see small batteries in the top of my digital meter. There was

    no clear pull out tab to indicate that the batteries had not been activated. There is no printed info on what type

    of round batteries they are. Please inform.

    Thank you,

  3. Dear Sirs, I really like your ten cup pitcher. I recently had a neighbor buy the smaller one. She is not happy with the smell of the water after it is filtered. What can you do to help her with this problem. I also noticed the same even after changing a filter that did not need to be changed. I wish the filters would last longer. Thank you for your time.

  4. I purchased your very expensive product on November 19, 2015, with the expectation that I could stop buying bottled water. What a joke that is. Your water filters jamb up with air bubbles continually and little to no filtered water enters the storage pitcher. You put your product on the market before your worked out all the bugs, and I have wasted my money. I want my money back, and your customer service representative offered no solution except to say: “Have a great weekend.” You obviously do not stand behind your product, and you are exemplifying the worst business practices.

  5. I tried dialing you # 5 times only to be told about several free offers. It takes my time and won’t let me through to customer service! I have been using Zero filters for 2 years and was happy until I purchased the last one. The water tastes like a plastic toy. yuck. Of course I bought it several weeks before I needed it and when I put it on, I dumped the box. Now I can’t get in touch with your company. Your IVR is horrible and shows a disreputable company. If I don’t contact someone soon, I’ll be using Britta from now on!

  6. Placed several orders with zerowater and they have YET to fill one right, if at all. They ignore the contact us emails I have sent and don’t seem to give a damn!!!!

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