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  1. Why does channels 43uot doors and tlc 30 keep freezing up? Tried for 45 mins. To get someone on the phone to report this which has been going on all summer

  2. As far as service in southeast NE, this company get’s a big -10 for a company rating. It doesn’t appear that any of them care about customer service. The operators don’t know what’s going on, but they “will add you to the ticket” for whatever problem you’re having. Currently, some services are non-existent, but they continue to charge you. You have to request a credit on your account and hope you get it. Heaven forbid you’d need a tech to come to your residence…the operators usually tell you it will take 2-3 weeks to get someone out to your house. I’ve been calling for over a week about our Starz channels being out, but no one knows what’s going on or how long it will take to fix the problem. I’m really missing Galaxy Cablevision, the company that serviced this area before Zito Media.

  3. Is there no legal action started yet against this company? They keep promising service and never do. It is the only service in my area and they just keep taking our money without providing the service. Isn’t that considered theft? Can’t anyone do anything?

  4. I’m with you on the lawsuit, I’ve had it with them. We have internet and it’s never working , the techs don’t show up when I have an appointment, they’re causing me to loose work because I work from home and rely on my internet , when you call there is no help given , no resolutions, no credits for lost service.

  5. Thank you, Tech Support for coming out on a cold Saturday, because someone high the telephone pole, and the phone company had to replace it. You went above and beyond what most companies would have done. You came to Rose Hill, for two customers!!

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