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  1. We are seeking permission to use several portions of chapter 4 of Phil Maynard’s book the titled, Shift. The material would be copied in the April issue of Bountiful Blessings (BB). I am Stewardship Chairman of Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church in Newport News, Virginia. Bountiful Blessings is a worship bulletin insert about Stewardship that is provided one Sunday each month. We print 290 copies of a worship bulletin insert. The April issue is about service. We want to select up to 5 sentences from Chapter 4. We would credit the book in Bountiful Blessings.

  2. I can’t find the DVD that goes with your study The Prayers of Jesus edited by Matt Williams. I need it for my Bible Study next week. Please let me know how I can order it.

  3. I can’t find the DVD that goes with your study The Prayers of Jesus edited by Matt Williams. I need it for my Bible Study next week. Please let me know how I can order it.

  4. I agree with one of your other commentors. You are hard to talk to?? My need is no national emergency but as a

    Bible teacher in search of “Halley’s Bible Handbook” for my students you are making it difficult. I have a 1990

    edition but I hope a newer, updated version is available and at what price.

  5. Has a concordance for New Testament only references ever been available? It would be ideal for classes in the NT. If so, please advise how I can buy a copy.

  6. Zondervan Bible Publishers, seeking permission to quote same Bible verses in 2nd edition of my book, You Only Die Once, that were used in original 1st edition, published by Integrity. Thank you.


  7. I really need to talk to someone. Why is the company so impersonal? I own a set of NIV CD’s (64 count). One of them is missing and I would like to buy this one again. Would you kindly give me information about a replacement for NT – 11 1 Corinthans 6:1-2 to 2 Corinthians 9:15?

  8. Hi Zondervan I am looking for a discontinue Life Application Bible New International Version.

    Copyright 1988,1989,1990,1991

    Copyright 1973,1978,1984 by International Bible Society. Please if you still have this bible please let me know. The notes really help me to understand what I am reading. Tyndale ?

  9. I would like to know how to obtain permission to copy a page out of an old hymnal. Our church purchased new ones and the old ones were sent home with members of the congregation. I want to make a copy to make a wall hanging but have found no contact information online to contact publishing co. Is it even necessary to obtain permission if the song is listed as public domain??

  10. I have written a commentary on the book of Revelation, using almost exclusively the NIV 1984 printing, from PC Bible software. I am working at finalizing my manuscript and working toward the copyright. How and/or who do I contact to obtain the permission to use the NIV in my publication? I will probably publish it privately and offer it for sale at my cost. Thank you, please advise.

  11. please let me know if the book “I dared call him father” by Bilquis Sheikh is published in Pakistani language.

    please also let me know more about her life in America, and whatever happened to her grandson Mahmud (or later, David).

  12. In my opinion, Zondervan is a deceptive Christian publisher. We are destroying all of our Zondervan publications as you have elected to omit certain versus from your Bibles and, in our opinion, your authenticity is questionable. We will pass along this information to our other Christian brothers and sisters. I am certain this message will not get past your webmaster.

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