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Zoosk is a safe and fun online dating site for singles to interact and search for their matches. Zoosk.com is the fastest growing social dating site, Zoosk integrates with the social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Hi5.

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38 Replies to “Zoosk”

  1. ‘I only paid go a month subscription and you are continually taking money from m account. I want it all canceled asap.

  2. I have requested to cancel, do not send me any contacts,do not bill me and take me off all mailing list immediately. The worst site I have ever seen. No way to contact! Does anyone have number.

  3. I want to unsubscribe from Zoosk website! I signed up at the end of Feb .and was told it could be only a trial period if not satisfied. Please remove me at once!! March 9 ,2015 Harold

  4. I want to unsubscribe from the zoosk website I sined up 8-23-2014 I was told I was unlikable by your machine so please send me back my money robert

  5. Uninstall zoosk from my phone. I never. Put it on. Who ever had my phone when I was in hospital did this

    I am a married woman. I will. Contact my Attorney if not removed. Also. All the news channels.

  6. My subscription was paid to June 14/2014 today. I did not want to renew .Please cancel and return my 74.95. Please advise when this has been done. Thank you

  7. I’m in South africa. I paid for a tree month subscription to zoosk via bank transfer but nothing happend. This is my second message to complain. Please help me to use zoosk because I already paid. Sule

  8. I am getting ridiculous charges on my account i signed up for a one month subscription and i am getting charged out daily on my credit card bills.i want to cancel my account now ! How you guys scam on peoples vulnerability is so morally wrong. I want a full a disclosure on why i have been charged this ridiculous amount of money and also all the online handler that you use to charge out on.

    This is not a joke it is basically theft!

    PLEASE help me on canceling my account NOW!

  9. Yes i sign up for zoosk on 4/26/14 i sign up for the 6 month plan which is $12.94 per month you all took $24.99 from my account leaving me with a negative $74.95 in my account. I want my $25.00 back in my account as of now it took u a matter of seconds to take it out u have a matter of seconds to put it back in or i will report u all as scamming people my invoice number that zoosk gave me is #3053866738 my name is Jean Murphy

  10. I have never subscribed to your web site, you have took £47 out of my bank account, how dare you., Iwant a full refund or this mmatter will be taken further.

    Your a SCAM !!! please do not ignore this message.

    Jayne Duggan

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