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  1. ‘Stop emailing me cancel my subscription and everything that has to do with me and zorpia I want nothing to do with this site and I’ve tried multiple times to talk to a representative to take care of the situation but there’s no contact number that works and I’ve tried multiple times to cancel everything but it won’t let me if this keeps happening I’m going to have to press charges against zorpia for harassment

  2. There’s a lady on this site name Mylene Green, I signed up for a .99 three day trial, she agreed for us to meet and all I had to do is apply for some kind of safe date site, ,which I was glad to do,after following her instructions for over two hours, I could not find what she was asking for, ,I then apologize for wasting her time, she then told me that my credit card would be charged $39.95 every 12 hours unless I paid her manager $300 and then she would meet me and stop the charges, I told her I didn’t have that much, she then said her manager said that he would except $140,I sent him the money to him in the Philippines by money gram, as soon as he received it he said we could meet that after noon, an hour before time to meet she texted me and said her manager change his mind and wanted another $250 within the hour or not only could we not meet but I will lose the $140 I already sent,,I refused to send anymore money now they are threatened to charge me for harassment, ,this guy is not only black mailing me and scamming me but sounds like prositution, please beware of this site, it,s already cost me a couple hundred dollars and I don’t know what else

  3. Dear sir,please i got a message that my registration code won $1,500,000 Dollars in your 2016 promo organised for the best users of the Zorpia dating website.my name is onadipe olatoye olajuwon and my phone number is .I am 44 years old and i am very happy about the win.Yours sincerely,

  4. You had cut off my account and I just want to cancel it for good, you want me to verify, I had my Boyfriend and my self in the same spot. I know now his picture can go below but after seeing all the other things that goes one on the website I think it’s best to cancel all together. You have men that make up lies to gain money from the woman, I hope my Boyfriend is not one of them and we are planning things. I feel men there are not really looking not as much as the women and they are not as serious. Please cancel my account since you have it block or cut off because I can’t go into it now and was able but after a few mins. I couldn’t. Poor quality of men.

  5. I have a complaint about a “member” on my timeline by the name of grace.stephen from the texting we have done she is asking for money for several different reasons also she is NOT near me,says she is in Nigeria.

    My timeline is :@gmail.com or Fo

  6. hi ive tried to upload a photo on my moible but it does not allow me to do so,as the kind of optionos is not on my phne which i dont understand as ive got galaxy s4.i can access it on my phone and read messages ect,but when i use my computer it asks me to upload a photo which there is on,so basicaally what im saying is i cannot access online for the computer,but i can access my profile messages ect on my mobile so what is the diference, please get back to me about this matter,as soon as possible,regards ramah suso.

  7. I had requested that my account to be removed months ago and it’s still running as I type in my complaint to you today. Why is it still there?

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