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  1. Zulily is taking over my kindle. Their ads are covering up important info on my msn.com page and keeps popping up on other things too. I do not ever order clothing on line and I have no interest in zulily. I need and want it to go away once and for all! Thank you

  2. ‘I love zulilly. I’ve been

    Peased with all the clothing gotten. I know it takes up to 3wks shipping. If u read their police’s I’d see that. The only thing I don’t like was receiving damaged goods. But zulilly made it right. I read a few bad reviews, and don’t know what they all upset about

  3. I ordered 2 pair of shoes, wanted to return one pair, they don’t take returns, but you can get a store credit. No Money Back, that kinda sucks, so you still have to order something else to get your money…..Not very good business……..

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