The Zumba? program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.

User Provided Phone Number: 1-866-649-5817 OPT 4

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  1. i made an error in licensing in zumba .com i was able to register twice and was deducted to my credit card under bryan laredo bpi march 8 and 9 2014. pls refund the amount of 350 dollars hosted by breweing point license office in tandang soRA. PLS GET IN TOUCH W ME AT MARIDES LAREDO I was licensed march 8 and 9 under prince palthou pls reply to me immediately i will be penalized in my card due to that

  2. ‘Excellent service at this number. Girl was very helpful and I did not get an automated recording asking for my cc info. I even asked what the hold music was and she let me know so I can add to my playlist.

    I have order from zumba.com in the past and only was charged what I purchased online and was happy with my items.

  3. It is sad to hear some of the responses that are negative. I have been ordering since 2010 from Zumba and fortunately have had excellent responses quick delivery times and excellent customer service. Without paying the extra money for two days service, sometimes I actually get my orders into to 2-3 days. In fact last week I just received an order paid extra for two day shipping and received my things into days. The clothes are excellent quality I’ve never had problems with my items feeding or shrinking. In the early days the telephone lines used to stay busy but now they renewed the phone system that allows me to get right through to customer service sometimes I must wait but that’s part of life.

  4. I would not say they are frauds, I imagine they are trying to save money by providing less customer service than we are used to with large corporations that run businesses like Amazon, Walmart etc. that have such easy returns. I have worked with small companies that have great customer service, however, and I was not impressed with the customer service provided from Zumba.com. I will avoid using their products if I can. I enjoy going to local Zumba classes, but the Zumba company itself is not my favorite. They’re actually very LOW on that list…

  5. Customer service for any company can be a challenge for any customer. My overall experience was O.K. However, just an FYI, if you ordered your Zumba products via the phone, the 800 customer service number given is not the one you call nor is the local number with the 954 area code. I discovered this by making a 17 minute long distance call to the 954 area code after 2 hours of attempting the 800 number provided and getting nothing but a busy signal. (I live in AK, LD can be expensive). The first CS (Kristen) did not seem to comprehend my name let alone what I was trying to convey. (My Visa had been compromised and I was attempting to give them my new Visa number for the remaining two payments I have with their company.) The second CS (Bezi) was quiet and hard to hear but I was able to find out that I was not in the “on-line” system and had to call a different number to get my card info updated.

    When I called the second 800 number my experience was much more positive and I was able to get through to a CS (Veronica) very quickly. She understood my request and processed it efficiently. So for that part of my contacting the company I gave them a couple of stars.

    I would not recommend using the infomercial number for ordering anything. You end up on the phone for nearly 20 minutes with an automated voice trying to get you to upgrade your order with a lot of things before confirming your order. I did not hang up for fear of them auto billing me for whatever I had not said no to yet! Like I referred top earlier though, the CS was good for the most part once I reached the right person.

  6. Excellent service at this number. Girl was very helpful and I did not get an automated recording asking for my cc info. I even asked what the hold music was and she let me know so I can add to my playlist.

    I have order from zumba.com in the past and only was charged what I purchased online and was happy with my items.

  7. I am highly upset they are selling a product that is being falsely advertised. I have attempted to place an order with 2 times and like a 1 month and half later still no product. So I call the company to find out where my product was at since the second time attempted and still no product unhappy customer!! So I refused to get a call back because the 1st time I said that I agreed to be called back they didn’t call me back until 2 weeks after my initial call to the 800 customer service number and they hung up on me 2 times. I was supposed to doing the Zumba with my friends and family at home and depending on their satisfaction they would call and order the product for themselves and now with all this I want to make sure no falls for their scam EVER EVER AGAIN!!! Why promote a product that you will never ever receive! I tried to tell them that to go ahead and cancel my order due to my unsatisfactory customer service over the phone! They told me they can’t that when I do get it whenever that maybe maybe in a couple of years give or take I guess. I can go ahead and send it back and they will refund my money that is if I send it back by the 30 day mark of when the order was 1st placed!!! So meaning now that this is 1 week after I ordered it whenever I get if it’s not back by “the 30 day money back guarantee” then they will not refund me at all!! So basically they get to keep free money and the product!!! I don’t know about you all but MY MONEY DOES BOT GROW ON TREES!!! They have completely turned me off and I will make sure my friends, family and I take our money else where!!! It’s their loss not ours!!! Please be aware before you order this product and even give them your credit card info it’s not worth the hassle nor the headache. Believe me their product is not even worth it!!! There are plenty of trust worthy companies out there that do exactly what they advertise not just leave you hanging. So please be aware with this scam that this “so called” Zumba company is running!!!

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