Zynga is the popular social gaming platform that was popularized by Facebook. Their games include Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and Petville.

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  1. ‘I have asked for help going on 3 months I have spent a lot of money on this game I think ill contact a lawyer since zynga cant do there job…ive went from stuck on collect golden retriever to collect coins over a 3 month period its very old!

    1. I noticed the same thing with FarmVille 2 too. What happened was iPad $59 on my iTunes balance due by 54 $99 worth of a huge amount of keys so that I can in large my game. Well it wouldn’t allow me to use or purchase the largest amount of keys I could go one step down. That was yesterday. And today when I try to buy for 2499. It says that although I have a $29 balance still with her $25 balance with iTunes, my payment to buy the keys is not being excepted. When I tried to reach Zynga all I was told to do was deposit five dollars by credit card, but gave me no alternative as I don’t have a credit card

  2. ‘I do not want any of the sub games off of Farmville. How do I get rid of them. Also when I sign onto Farmville another sub game pops up and I don’t want it and I can’t get to Farmville until I sign onto the sub game. How do I get around all of these sub games I don’t want.

  3. ‘Your company sucks I have spent hundreds of dollars on NFL showdown and I lost to a team lower ranked and I had scouted them more and their coach did not even show up, you Lost a customer you dirtbags, I will never spend another dime I will go out of my way to let everyone know what kind of game you have

  4. As soon as you start spending money they start screwing you over. Put 10 in few days ago. I wrote a bad review 2 days ago. Yesterday 5 injured players 4-10 weeks each. Health pack disappeared and watching video for coin doesn’t register. Unreal. Don’t know where to file a scam report by any chance? I haven’t lost a game yet thus sseason. But every playoff game screws up every season. Guy trued to kick a 99 yard field goal against me on first down last season. Punted when I said go for it (still won but come on) Season before it just kept disconnecting me and I lost by 1 point. Run focus=don’t pass for 3 straight downs. Player auction jams up and u lose your coins. They say its your connection….Cheat game. Players disappear and appear on the auction list if you back out of the app and re-enter. They know what they’re doing. Catering to whoever happened to spend the most that season. Solo messed up it unreal

  5. My family and I love playing the game words with friends but kindle fire was updated and now the word game does not work ZYNGA needs to update this game so it is compatible with the operating system of Kindle Fire. I would love to give the game a 5 star rating but right now really it can only have a 1 star. Other Zynga games works fine on my device but not words with friends. Thanks

  6. I just tried to log into my farmville game and it has me at level 3. Can I please have my farm back? I’ve taken a couple months off playing but I want to start playing again from the level I was at. like 200? please give me my farm back

  7. I play zynga poker on Facebook and I keep receiving the same message when claiming gifts from my poker buddies. I says I reached the maximum limit and that I sould come back tomorrow to claim more gifts from more friends, then tomorrow same thing. So what is the poing of my buddies sending me gifts when I can’t claim them, in that case why even have poker buddies. And also my free spin keeps lighting up and when I play it, it goes as if it had been tilted and gives nothing. Oh and about 2 weeks ago my “flush” was beaten by “two pairs” when have you heard that happening?

  8. Since the update last week , I try to log into my Zynga account and the screen just reads wrong account info and won’t even let me try to log in? 80 million chips in my account .

  9. Zynga poker is nothing but another scam sick of being ripped off for chips people going all in with no chips being shut out of the game when i got a winning hand and high hand pair when my hole card is bigger then they change their software and on an iphone i cant see the table fck zynga im done being screwed time to complain to the right people an my last purchase will be cancelled on my c card

  10. After update I cannot acces my account. Tried to reset password and it won’t let me do that either. Please fix or contact me about the issue.


  11. country escape 2 on my kindle says truck is broken it wont let me sell anything put it right back into the barn…I play this game all the time…am very upset…I can’t get help which makes me more upset

  12. I have been a real fan of Texas holdem poker for a very long time. I have many time purchased chips with no problem.

    I have been involved for weeks with the tournament. This weekend I made a $10.00 purchase like many times before. This time it tells me 5,2000,000 Processing and as of you have not released the chips. I know it is not a money problem because PayPal and my bank show Facebook has been paid.

    It is now Tue. and they are still in processing.

    I contacted Support an keep getting the same stock answer.

    “Our records confirm the developer received your transaction dispute and decided not to refund you after reviewing your case against its policies.


    I still have no idea why you can keep my money and not release the chips I had already paid for.

    If I cant get a reasonable explanation here I will pose the question on line.

    I have been going back and forth going on four days and still looking for an answer.

    I am asking for you to resolve this please I am not looking for my money I would like the chips that I have already paid for.

    I have proof you have been paid and have sent copy’s to support with no reply.

  13. I have been playing farmville 2 for a little while now but, when I was suppose to get my white rabbit my game locked up. I had to refresh my page so I didn’t get the rabbit that helps you get super feed.. Then I was doing my camp for merit badges I got 136, I was suppose to get baby mini appolossa horse. But again my game froze up and when I refreshed I lost that reward too.I would like these issues fixed please.

  14. I down loaded a new game shark and a bar appeared saing down loading game I picked up my tablet to place it on the table and I touched the corner of that bar a hand was played without my knowledge and there for lost 40000play money please restore my mone back to me . Since it was not my falt.

  15. I tried to reinstall Ayakashi Ghost Guild on my Nook HD and the new version isn’t compatable. Please fix this problem, as the Nook store doesn’t have the game, and Google play only offers the incompatable version.

  16. why do you have to scam people tried every way to get a hold of you loved your games till you took all my credits cancelling my credit card to get all my money back i will post everywhere that this is a scam and to the FBI thanks for not helping me

  17. i am have trouble with my framville 2 please help me with this it will not give me credit for the flower i harvest

  18. The term Zynga support is bogus. My hold em account has been suspended for 6-8 months with no explanation. Contacting Zynga support is a joke. I have e-mailed, left comments, and still no answer from anyone. I have over 7 million $$$ in my account and still no one helps me. My facebook sign on is @yahoo.ccom. Maybe the webmaster will look at this and send me a solution to my problem, but I highly doubt it. Why Facebook would use a company like Zynga is beyond me. No help, no support, no nothing from you guys.

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