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Customer Service Contact Information For Comic Con 1-619-491-2475

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I am trying to reserve tickets for Saturday, August 6,2016. I have put my card number in but I don’t get paid until close to midnight tonight. I know that this is the only day that Mr. Reedus is available and I certainly don’t want to miss out. I saw him in Nashville in 2013 and he was the most down-to-earth, humble, friendly person you could ever be lucky enough to meet. I also met Chandler Riggs and Sean Patrick Flannery. They are also of the same caliber as Mr. Reedus. Meeting Mr.Reedus again would be a dream come true. Although he is an international star there are a few things that he and I have in common. Just to name one we were both in near fatal car crashes and we are both cat lovers. Mine’s an jerk too, Norman. I guess what I’m asking is how can guarantee tickets. And, I have an idea, it may make me the laughing stock of the the group, but Norman, as I am, we are both animal lovers. I came up with an idea to help homeless animals AND make one of Norman’s fan’s day. Let’s auction off a date with the money going to an animal charity. I don’t have the money to win, but I would very much like to be a part of helping set up the campaign. I hope to hear from you soon.


Brandi D. Carlton

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