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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Glen Beck and you are off your rockers. Ever see a cross in the Mormon Temples? Fake religion made up. However, I am glad it keeps a good portion of the population under control.

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I can get Mitt Romney elected. Have him e-mail me at You have the gift of the holy Ghost, ask God.

I think Ted Cruz is a great conservative, but I have a problem with his wife being a top executive with Goldman Sachs. I believe the big banks have too much influence on the Government. How do you reconcile that?

It frustrates me every time I hear commentary about “no” weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. My son was deployed to the original war in 2003 and my wife and I were very attentive to the news, media commentary etc. I remember, clearly, video on TV of caravans of vehicles leaving Iraq heading to Syria and Pakistan. It was thought that WMD’s were being moved out of the country before the war started and before the infamous inspections. I have never heard of any further mention or reference to the videos and caravans and wish the your research people would provide data and explanations. I have always felt the WMD’s were there. Tom

As a long time marine I am appalled at the state of this country.It certainly isn’t the one that had my butt ready for the broken end of the bottle for more than a decade . I have often felt repentant of the time I spent in self-sacrifice to preserve our way of life. I feel as though I was duped…’til I remember wasn’t drafted.I try to avoid vulgarity the ,but someone(s) running this country on lies and the population are more concerned with being entertained than being informed ,more engaged with their rights than with their responsibilities ,and it,s well with them that those of us that keep those rights extant are not only forgotten but disposable so long as the bread & circuses continue.This leads me to conclude that the bulk of the country must have glass bellybuttons so they can see where they’re going.

I have been watching the Glenn Beck show for the last month, and want to express my feelings about what I am hearing. I am a 48 year old unemployed male, who is sick and tired of corporate greed, missinformation coming fronm a broken 2 party system of government, and want to say we need to hear the truth. I pray that Glenn Beck is being truthful and is someone we can trust. You can’t get real info. from the news. That is not subject to debate. CNN is owned by liberals, and FOX is owned by conservatives. How can we as a nation beleive anything we hear or read from these two conglomerates. They are basically extensions of their respective parties. These media outlets feed on two things. Getting their representatives re-elected, and, the over reporting of tragedies for ratings. To me the only people that understand this, are those of us in the middle. WE NEED A VOICE! God bless you Glenn, And the Blaze net-work. I have so much more to say about this, and hope that americans wake up.

I want to work with and for Glen in the capacity of something as truck driving around the country or something that I can do, I mention truck driving because that is what I been doing lately. All I know right now is I want to help him on a personal level preserve and protect this nation from idiots

I would like to know how t email Mr Beck. I would also like to know Y someone who talks about america freedom as Mr Beck I do not hear him shouting from the tallest buildings

about the Fair Tax bill, get rid of income tax it is not in the Constitution

Thank-you for you time in this matter

I wish there would be a customer service phone number or an email address for customer to contact you. I can not. Get your shows for month already but still paying. When I like to sign on then I get a little window saying UPGRADE THEBLAZE then I push GET APP WITH with the result that I get another window stating DOWNLOAD AN OLDER VERSION OF THIS APP. Then the thing starts all over again t o tell me to UPGRADE

THEBLAZE …… I go in never endless circle BUT CAN NOT GET WHAT I AM PAYING FOR ! .



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