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By Eric Strand

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People who are race baiters are Hipocrits and liers.They are in darkness without the love of God.


I can hardly believe that a US Senator can go on the Internet and say that she is going to do every she can to stop a United States Citizen from becoming President. When you were running for Senator you had a fair and honest election process, why can’t other United States Citizens? It’s scary how a person like you, a US Senator can tell Americans that they can run for office or not just because your a US Senator with power and the media prints everything you say and do no matter how ridiculous it is. I don’t know if you know this or not, it’s a election process not a selection process. I urge you to take seriously your oath of office in defending and protecting the US Constitution, even the parts you dislike. It’s called ” Honor ” and ” Common Since “.

You take care now,

Mel Skoglund.

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