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Senator Harry Reid is the Current Senate Majority Leader. He is a prominent member of the Democratic Party and is the senior Senator from the state of Nevada.

Senator Harry Reid
State: Nevada
Party: Democrat


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Sen Reid,

My grandfather once told me – It is better to be quiet and thought a fool than

to open your mouth and prove it.

I would like your attention to the va clinic in Laughlin, nv. they have only one doctor and he is unable to see all of the patients and we need a 2nd doctor so the vets can get the medical care they need. thank you and hope that you follow through with this. Jack

Senator, you and the Democratic Party are risking a house and senate take over. I think it would incumbent upon the Democratic Party to grow a spine. If this ship does not change course, we will hit the ICEBERG. Now you sir can either start turning the wheel, and avoid this catastrophe or continue going in the same direction. This is a political gamble that could potentially ruin your whole political career. Do you sir want a 2010 repeat? I hope you are willing to compromise and support the Iran deal, and the great Senator from Vermont. We are at a turning point, there are 435 members in the house, and 100 of you in the Senate. So if you sir do not comply – we will not vote. If Hillary wins the Primary, we will not vote in the General election.

i need help with my light bill the people in butts county ga. are saying there out of funds and you cant get help, how long are we going to have to suffer. there telling me to give up my home and thats not right .you all please help us .

Harry it looks like you and some of your family is going to end up in jail for stealing public lands along I-15 and 170. No wonder you sent gravely armed troops to the Bundy ranch. He stands in your greedy way. Well my name is James Peyton and I live in. SW Vegas near Patrick and grand Canyon and I was one of the armed men ready to stand to the last man to protect the Bundys, and I mean to the last man. Who authorized the forces you used for your personnel army to attack the Bundys? Since it failed who is going to pay for your own personal army. I am proud to be a “Domestic Terroist” as you call people who stand up for the rights of free Americans.

All Americans need to stand up to our big corrupt government when they start changing the laws to fit politicians needs. We need to arm up and stop the government when they pull these illegal deal and try putting their boots on the necks of the defensleds. So harry I would expect that you and your family will end up in jail and all of your land given back to the American people you stole it from.

I no you do not have any honor and the Mormon Elders have had their eyes on you but an honorable man would kill himself to save face. Give me a call at and I will show you how to do it on your own. You better hurry because is going to throw under the bus and he is on borrowed time himself with a the lies catching up with him and impeachment just around the corner. Bye bye you thieving little jerk.

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