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Senator John Cornyn
State: Texas
Party: Republican


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Please vote against the “DARK Act”. HR 1599. Your constituents want to know what is in their food. HR 1599 will keep foods from being labeled. Your constituents want to know if a food has GMO ingredients. Polls show 90 % of Americans want their food labeled. The “Dark Act” would keep states that have voted for labeling not to proceed. 64 countries do not allow food that are genetically engineered Vote no to the “Dark Act”.

I live in Harker Heights, Tx., and I want to know what you are doing or going to do about Hillary Clinton not having any charges filed against her about her E-Mail scandal. You were voted in office to protect the American people, and you and your compatriots have fallen way short of this endeavor. She has committed treasonous acts on the same scale of Eric Snowden and should be prosecuted. She also should be charged with negligent homicide in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. You are being paid by the American people a nice salary with extra benefits, but are not earning it. The Republicans have had the majority in the Senate and House for a very long time but cannot get a damn thing done for the American people. Shame on you… Trump is right about the “fix” is in on the E-Mail scandal. Bill Clinton meets with the Attorney General and a day or two later she comes out saying the she will go along with whatever the FBI recommends. Eight days later the FBI said they found no wrongdoing about the E-Mail scandal, and now she’s protected by the Attorney Generals comments. She then jumps on Air Force 1 with that idiot in the White House to campaign. The American people are sick and tired of this, and want our “elected” officials to step up to the plate to protect this great nation. If our elected officials cannot cut the mustard, then maybe they should be “unelected”. We’re mad, damn mad about what is being done to this country, nothing is being done to stop this downhill slide. We want our officials to grow a pair and stand up for our liberties, protect our borders, and fix the VA debacle where thousands of veterans have died because of your (Congress) inaction. If you think I’m alone in my thoughts, think again. I live in an area where there is over a quarter of a million retired veterans, and they are not just concerned, but mad as hell about the ineffectiveness of our elected officials. Do not let Hillary Clinton get away with the crimes she has committed. Stand up and take account…after all, you are from Texas, and we expect no less. If I get a reply from you, it will be a shock !

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