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By Eric Strand

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Contact Ted Cruz- Senator Cruz can you please ask for a special prosecutor for a few of the poorest homeowners in Texas? Maybe even the DOJ or FTC or EPA? Anyone?

Lots of the poorest homeowning families in Texas are facing this because they

are told from day one that it is normal. From top official HVAC companies to

home manufacturers. It is all called normal. But in mobile homes only. That

might help to cover the bogus reason for ever saying “legal” in mobile homes

“only” in Texas “only”?

Suggested Law: We are not allowed the air laws that congress made through EPA.

This is what happened to my family because Ancient laws are still in effect and

obeyed with proof showing how wrong the laws really are. Wife must use inhaler

now and never smoked etc.. My grandson has been here since his birth and has

breathing problems that he got here. The future problems will be that of

asbestos because it was the lowest grade insulation allowed by Texas laws for

exteriors. The main concern for me now is the fact that we all breathed it for

ten years while all made excuses to cover up what they thought was their “plan”

for mobile homes HVAC and laws that could be omitted just to make sure as

another excuse to do nothing. The long run is what has me so worried. It must be

just like asbestos and will kill us all. But later on just like asbestos? I

don’t know but with what I discovered here hidden in insulation below my floor

will cause exactly what asbestos does. I complained to every one possible back

in 2000 that it was not normal. It never slowed down or lessened at all. I would

change filters every day and it would not make any difference. I complained so

much back them that Action Aire gave me the new mobile home division of TDLR.

They sent inspector here with camera. He took pictures of it all. All except

where the problem was coming from. TDLR said mobile home division can not work

on a case that concerns A/C. They took over and they said it is normal for

mobile homes to have excessive dust. That was to cover the BS filter set-up.

They never came here at all to make the investigation that got started by a

division that can not do the case. They took all info I had back then and called

it “legal in mobile homes only”. They all thought they were covering the bogus

laws. Just because of the pictures that a MHD inspector took. They all thought

it was their plan at work so simply dismissed it because they know that they are

the CAUSE and CREATOR of HVAC problems in “mobile homes only” I do not know how

to get help but I will find it somewhere. Can you please look into this and call

anytime. I had a few missed calls and messages deleted. I am sorry for not

having sooner contact. Here is one of the many letters that people like our

officials have gotten. It explains some of it but not the details of how wrong

this is and how easy to prove just that with TDLR’s own books and web sites? Are

you sure we do not need a little more honest regulations here? It is really too

bad that all eyes here are closed to what is happening right under their noses?

But who cares? It does not have any thing to do with their families lives or

future lives of their grandchildren? I know it is election troubles and all the

slander that is tried comes out now. I have been caught in the middle of this

since 2000. Not one company or state office is able to defend the bogus laws

created to create what? For who? I don’t know or

understand why such a thing is allowed to continue? I do not care just like the

rest of you. I do care that my family breathed insulation particles while all

made excuses to COVER UP THE BOGUS LAWS created for “mobile homes only” clean

air to be eliminated completely with one in-action of our state? So here it is

once again. Plead with Mr. Abbott to at least consider opening the case I keep

filing with the Atty. General’s office and complaint forms etc. If you can

please? My family breathed insulation dust for years because out dated laws were

being followed. Wronged by obeying ancient laws that cause harm. LAWS THAT make

it legal to completely omit work and parts but only in a families home that

purchased a manufactured home. The same family who bought and paid for a correct

HVAC system that ended up sabotaged legally. A Concealed Weapon in use? A law

that places a weapon when and where desired. A weapon that is legal to use. A

weapon that is :specialized” to attack “only” the specified targets. or Only the

“legal targets” A weapon that is IMPOSSIBLE to use on “ANY OTHER RESIDENCE”.

LAWS PROTECT THOSE RESIDENCES from it being able to happen. . A legal weapon

that cost nothing to “place in action”. A legal weapon that has no cost to

“maintain”. A legal weapon that requires no cost to start or carry through with

the guaranteed slow destruction. A legal weapon that requires not one piece of

materials be used. A legal weapon that never misfires. A legal weapon that never

misses it’s segregated targets. A legal weapon that is guaranteed to work every

time it is placed into use. My last contact with state official who is also had

to follow depression era laws for mobile homes only. Because it was the law. He

said he could do nothing at all about it. Your logo is Simplicity? Convenience?

Efficiency? I don’t think any of those are available for problems that deserve

truthful answers. Guaranteed Health hazards that no one can deny. Created

mechanical failures that no one can deny. Not one person in the entire world can

come up with a single thing to say that is correct in any way about the

insulation dust. Or anything good or correct about the legal “look like”

filtering system that is guaranteed to cause damages. #1 rule, Clean Air in. The

rule and code for many trades. “THE” #1 Rule of all HVAC businesses and

manufacturers is clean air in, clean air out. .The legal in mobile home only

method makes that impossible to be achieved. It is impossible to have a sealed

system. #1 rule of all A/C companies of must have clean air into equipment is

broken immediately. Because it is impossible to filter any part of the entire

intake area. The health hazards that are guaranteed is just one of the other

side effects of not installing equipment correctly. Here are some facts to keep

I had no idea what to do about the discovered missing tie-in. Discovered while

replacing parts that were damaged from the filter set-up. Please give me a lie

detector for any of this or more? If people get out of murder with it give me

one for truth. I had to complain about the filters because no one thought it

could be anything else except the faulty filter system at work. Doing what it is

designed for. It is guaranteed to cause and create problems. What would you do

if your family breathed insulation for 10 years? “it’s legal”, but in mobile

homes “only”, as the one and only reason it was able to occur. Just one true

opinion with facts from any L&R about why it is “illegal” every where else to

use tape as metal duct hanger and tie-in. A true opinion with facts about Just

the health hazards” of the filter set-up. Maybe any HVAC manufacturers codes for

installing correctly could be used? We breathed insulation while excuses wasted

time for us. Excuses made to cover the filter wrongs. The wrongs that everyone

has gotten used to calling normal in mobile homes only. Even our highest

officials at state believe it is normal because that is what they were told. Not

shown facts about results it has. Legal excuses. I have been complaining since

2001 and it is on walk through papers that something is wrong with A/C. That was

at purchase of home in 2000. I have contacted everyone possible since then. I

did not wait too long to complain. The complaints were covered with bogus

excuses of a law. It is unsafe and very provable health hazards that are caused

and created by nothing but the installation method that is called legal. My

family and I have been caught in the middle? Our so called normal dust was

insulation particles. It hung in the air 24/7. I do care that my family breathed

insulation dust and particles for over ten years. The main concern for me is the

missing tie-in that was discovered which caused all the insulation in our home.

But discovered much too late. TDLR AC division gave answer of it is legal in

mobile homes only for entire complaints answer. The discovered missing metal

that had tape for the main connector to the duct work was a 3″ total void of

metal between two metal ducts., all covered over with tape. Under the floor

buried in insulation. And The make shift and the incorrect use of filters that

cause nothing but problems and health hazards. That is what I had here. There

should not be a time limit on proving how damages and health hazards are “caused

and created by laws” or codes that allow it to occur, maybe even ancient laws

obeyed? My families lives are important to me. We have been subjected to what is

worse than asbestos because laws and codes “obeyed” allow faulty and illegal

installations of AC equipment. But “only” in manufactured homes. Any states L&R

office can supply facts, not opinions, that prove the harms and damages

guaranteed to be caused by missing metal tie-in connectors. Any states L&R

office can prove how wrong it is to NOT HAVE a sealed filter system for a

residence. And the guaranteed problems caused and created from it. Obeying the

law? Both times? 2001 and 2010? Both times with completely wrong answers for my

family. How about an amendment that makes sure “all residences” deserve and HAVE

safe air conditioning. The laws that keep your homes from being a health hazard.

It should not take much time to get a law that says “all” HVAC hook ups should

be the same as far as safety when used in any residence. Laws, CODES or

something should show and say that it is AS WRONG AS IT IS. Someone please try

to prove it is correct in ANY WAY. Especially any HVAC expert. It is “illegal

for any other place or home” in America to have installed. But it is legal to

expose my grandson to this because we bought a manufactured home. No tie-in and

no possible way to have a sealed filter or sealed system. ALL “BASIC” STANDARD

INSTALLATION CODES AND RULES of HVAC manufacturers are ignored. The ones you

must follow to have your warranty be any good. Warranties are guaranteed to be

voided as soon as installed and ran. By EVERY MAJOR MANUFACTURER OF HVAC in

America. They know it destroys their equipment. They do not have a problem

admitting that to anyone at all. Especially the consumers who ask. Any HVAC

manufacturer, Any states L&R offices, Any HVAC academy or school, Any employee

of TDLR, Any expert of HVAC can not find “just one thing” to say that is good or

correct about the set-up that is legal “here only” because of a depression era

law. Allowed and legal in mobile homes only. The “only” thing all of the experts

“opinions” can come up with is :”it’s legal”. Nothing more, just it’s legal,

with no FACTS at all to even support why it is able to be called legal. Or why

it should be legal. We simply have it to where the only places to complain to

are all following ancient laws that harm us. Mold is caused with this set-up. A

very provable fact. Not maybe. Guaranteed. It is impossible and illegal to use

tape inside duct work to cover voids in missing metal. It is also illegal to use

to hang the duct with. Protect what equipment? Protect which people? Certain

Consumers are under neither of those categories when it comes to the law and

manufactured homes HVAC systems installation methods and operations. Texas is

the most beautiful state. Texas is the most envied state by others. Texas has it

all except for one thing? Updated laws for everyone? Protect who? Protect what,

from who? What would you do if your family breathed insulation because someone

was worried about a law being read or quoted correctly? This is wrong and my

family got infested with insulation. Every A/C company and State office said it

was normal and replace filters every two weeks. While all made excuses to NOT

INVESTIGATE (only photos)what they all thought was the normal created filter

problems in action. Making the so called “normal” dust problem? Everyone assumed

it was a “filter problem” because of the way IT WAS INSTALLED. The mobile home

only method. Expert HVAC Service Companies refuse to work in mobile homes. All

the equipment in intake area is exposed to the same thing that your filters make

sure to catch. All that brown fuzzy looking dirt. To prevent what happens

without filtering the air correctly.. Every time the unit is turned on,

everything is exposed to unfiltered air in all the wrong places. I was told by

most state agencies that it was normal and

legal because that is what TDLR decided with old laws. They all must go by TDLR

depression era laws also. Legal but not safe, Legal but not efficient, Legal but

not recommended at all, Legal but impossible to use for a required “sealed HVAC

system”. The use of a correct system is impossible but the system is labeled

legal. ” it’s legal” the one and only answer for me that anyone at all can come

up with. Can common sense have a place in Texas? No one can prove anything is

correct about the legal in mobile homes only set-up because “their proof” used

to make laws, codes, and facts ALL prove it is completely wrong and illegal in

your home or office. And why it was made illegal. Lots of good reasons used to

never do it. This “legal”system that has hanging duct tied in with tape. The

system causes and creates damages to the air conditioner and all it’s

components. The system produces very high humidity. 100% very guaranteed in

wrong places. The system looses very much of it’s efficiency because of all the

unfiltered air and dirt that is allowed freely in “all the wrong places” Is this

system guaranteed to create and cause health hazards? Yes. Very simple questions

with very simple yes or no answers prove to anyone it should never be allowed

anywhere. Wrongs and real problems that should “not be able to get covered

with,” It is legal. My families inside controlled environments are just as

important as all codes say they must be for EVERY one else’s homes and offices.

Yours are protected by codes and laws. The Freedom of Information act can get

more than enough evidence from any License and regulations office about how HVAC

must be tied in to duct work. There are laws and codes that INSURE “it can never

happen anywhere else”, except our homes. Never yours or theirs because laws and

codes “PREVENT” it. The more you look the dirtier the air system has been made

that is called legal in mobile homes only. It is an injustice that should not be

able to be endorsed and backed up by state laws that are provable ancient

failure Laws that protect no one. The unit “can not possibly filter any of the

air” that goes into “any part” of the ENTIRE intake area because of incorrect

filtering. That leaves an entire home with unfiltered air. The missing tie-in

has no explanation at all. It is deadly. It caused the visible dust 24/7. The

entire HVAC collects and gathers dust. In All the wrong places that get dirtier

and moister in all the wrong places. The coils exchange heat in the wrong places

with nothing but UNFILTERED AIR which gets dirtier and wetter with NO WAY TO

FILTER IT AT ALL. Snowballing. That all causes extra condensate in the wrong

places. Causing 100% humidity in all the wrong places. It looses efficiency very

rapidly. It waste electrical power. It gets worse with time and usage. I had a

completely missing metal connection to duct work from unit. The needed filter

rack was completely omitted also. That is the part that makes sure “all the air”

that goes into any of the equipment’s intake area is “through a filter only”.

Manufacturers insist on it. Any HVAC inspector insist on it and will shut down

job if not there. But left out legally in mobile homes only because of ancient

laws. The missing tie in connection was hidden under the floor in the insulation

that the EPA makes very sure is sealed good enough for road safety. I knew

nothing of the missing tie in because all said dust was “normal” to be hanging

in the air 24/7 BUT for mobile homes only. So live with it. So a case about

filters and missing parts with TDLR A/C div. is all I could do two times. 2001

with all dust complaint. 2010 with discovered missing metal at tie-in of duct

work. The ancient law is the filter set-up. The missing tie-in is the deadly

part. New home owners are all told it is normal for mobile homes. It then

becomes more and more trouble to take care of the AC . And all the excuses seem

to get more and more normal and used by all. And like daily pills you learn to

take them. Simple Questions? How about this one: Can this set-up of legal in

mobile homes only possibly prevent any health hazards? NO Or this one: Can the

set-up for mobile homes only prevent damages of any kind from happening? No. Or

this one: Does the mobile home only set-up cause and create problems for any

HVAC used on? A BIG YES. Mold is guaranteed along with the 100% humidity are

just two small samples. Simple questions with simple answers should be all it

takes to explain it to anyone. Of course that is not legal or something? It

takes years to be told that you just have to live with it because it is legal. I

can see the filters being called legal. But the missing tie-in and all the

insulation here in home totally avoided? Because of a picture they all decided

was the cause of the dust problem back in 2001. The list of problems caused and

created for the air handler and residence are “facts” that say to never allow

this anywhere. Why can everyone only produce a statement of “it is legal” to

explain it all? The air handler itself is nothing but created and caused

problems because of the improper installation. “All manufacturers” of HVAC say

“it voids our warranty” when installed this way. Instantly! Not after a while of

usage. My family breathed insulation particles for over ten years because of all

the misleading and wrong answers from all involved. including the ancient laws

“more than most” to answer on critical issues for complaints. There are many

questions that deserve answers. It could possibly effect a very large number of

homeowners who are completely unaware because every one tells them it is “normal

in mobile homes only”. And they learn to take their pill. And are very well

adjusted to all the extra cleaning required and bleaching the mold. Almost

“every single statement” in the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and Consumer

Protection Act, about all the wrongs and violations it takes to be called a

deceptive trade are violated with statement of ancient “it’s legal” but in

manufactured homes “only”. To cover NOT HAVING ANY LAWS OF PROTECTION AT ALL is

a better way to put it. No laws that even make sure HVAC’s are installed with at

the least ,the very basic “required” manufactures parts and directions. Just to

keep a warranty for new equipment. The same it’s legal would NEVER pass

“anywhere else in Texas” or the entire USA. Health and safety, and protection?

Not a one for us. Clean safe air and efficient operation of the air handler. All

taken away should not be a part of buying a lower quality home. We need to get

past the “it’s legal in mobile homes only” that is used instead of a real code

or law being considered that at least meets the manufacturers installation

needs. That should protect people and their environments. And the HVAV

equipment’s protection “all in one.” The side effects of all this cost only the

poor. There are many very legitimate reasons prove this should never be done

anywhere or “to anyone”. It is illegal in the zoos of Texas! It causes damage to

HVAC! It waste electricity because of efficiency loss. It causes 100% humidity

in all the wrong places while in operation. It requires two full size filters

every two weeks to maintain the “normal extra dust” in mobile homes “only”. 52

per year? per TDLR’s maintenance instructions for mobile homes only A/C and how

to control the so-called normal excessive dust. There was nothing normal about a


tie-in. It got overlooked because of “NORMAL” answers from all when complaining

about excessive dust. Ask someone that manufacturers HVAC (ie:Lennox) to show or

explain what their unit MUST HAVE to operate properly and REQUIRES when

installed with people in the environment but mostly just to protect their HVAC

equipment properly and keeping a warranty is THEIR MAIN REASON.

Lots of return visits per year and Cleaning of the parts that should never be

exposed to the

dirt( that you get trapped in your filter) is what happens. Exactly what the

filter is designed to

do. That alone is impossible to achieve. Unfiltered air all ends up in/on the

Air Handler and In every piece of the air handlers system that should be kept

clean. There is no possible way to have a sealed system. Consumers are denied

the installation method that HVAC manufacturers require and use as a STANDARD

and “MUST HAVE” installation method. We get the voided manufacturers warranty

when it is installed the Texas “manufactured home only” method. Consumers are

placed in a guaranteed to have created health hazards environment when this is

allowed. Consumers rights are denied. Consumer protection is denied. Consumer

safety is denied. Home owners rights are denied. But only one branded consumer

gets all this done by its LACK OF laws of protection. This is done to

manufactured homeowners “only” because that is the only place in the world it

was made legal back in depression era days?. The U haul climate controlled self

storage units can not use this set-up. It is illegal. IT “causes dust and

humidity” and It would never pass codes. Zoos can’t use it etc.. The safe and

effective air handling that is “required for all other people by laws” is

eliminated completely and immediately when installed and used the mobile home

only method. It is damage causing and wrong. It would not cost the builders one

cent to do it correctly. It would not cost any installer of HVAC one cent to

install it the way HVAC manufacturers designed it to be done. Maybe some time to

teach correct way to do it is all it would take? Every HVAC manufacturer on this

planet says: “it voids our warranty” when installed the mobile home set-up

method. My homeowners insurance (that is required) states : “we do not pay for

damages that are “caused by improper installation of appliances or equipment”.

They said filters wrong. Clayton Homes says “call the HVAC company that

installed it”. Action Aire says : “call Clayton Homes”. After years of

complaining to both and many others Action Aire says to call the new mobile home

division at TDLR. The Texas Department of License and Regulation. TDLR is the

place where I was told the installation of system is legal , but in manufactured

homes “only”. The only reason I ever looked into it at all is because I had a

completely missing tie-in and TDLR insisted that I prove the filter set up is

wrong, because all thought it was a filtering problem that has laws to protect

it. They did? I sure did by the looks of it and how it didn’t work and was

causing nothing but mechanical problems instead of filtering at all. It looked

good but is completely useless for A/C filtering or residence filtering. Very

provable to anyone and has been proven to TDLR who evaded it all with “it is

legal in mobile homes ONLY”. I have photos of all the missing and incorrectly

installed HVAC. Please Help? Keep up the good work.


Tim Glover

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