Find How to Call and Contact Corrlinks Customer Service Phone Number - 2022

How to Call and Contact Corrlinks Customer Service

Online Help Only

Corrlinks is the government service for prison inmates’s email. The system allows loved ones to correspond with their incarcerated loved ones. Online Help Only

  • I’m having problem with my email so i can’t get the code to except my friend on corrlinks I’m not able to enter my email address i would like to except Angela# to be able to email Angela it tells me to enter my code or inmate # but say no record can you help my # 0 thank you

  • Nothing but the best! The easiest reload. The cheapest thing I’ve ever done. Incredible value. Hard to believe something like this exists. All other contact is so incredibly difficult.

  • Worst service!! Been trying to contact a rep. Because I can’t access my family members who are incarcerated. They are trying to e-mail me but nothing is coming up in my spam folder.And the more I try to contact corrlinks the worst it gets!! Noboby respondes to my e-mails to your office.

  • Corrlinks is not working with Internet Explorer

    I was emailing my daughter in federal prison for months and now I get a message that Internet Explorer cannot bring up this page. What can I do to correct this?

  • I am trying to get a video cam connected to the corrlinks video chat program. All tests work perfectly until I get to the preview of the recorded video.

    I am receiving an error that Corrlinks can not record the video, and that a firewall or virus program could be the problem. I can not find anything blocking this cam, and it works PERFECTLY on other web based programs.

    Please help

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