Cox Customer Service


800-234-3993 is How To Contact Cox Customer Service

Cox Communications provides cable television service, high speed internet, home security and telephone service to customers in the United States.

Cox Cable Phone Numbers by State

Arizona Customer Service Number: 1-866-867-2629

Arkansas Customer Service Number: 1-888-952-3278

Central Florida Customer Service: 1-888-269-9693

Cleveland Ohio: 1-216-535-3500

Connecticut: 1-877-206-4210

Acadiana Louisiana: 1-888-215-8474

Baton Rouge Louisiana: 1-800-457-8974

Gulf Coast: 1-850-478-0200

Hampton Roads Virginia: 1-757-224-1111

Idaho: 1-208-726-4561

Kansas: 1-888-952-3278

Las Vegas: 1-702-383-4000

Mid Georgia: 1-478-784-8000

New Orleans: 1-504-304-8444

Northern Virginia: 1-703-378-8422

Fredericksburg Virginia: 1-540-373-6343

Oklahoma City: 1-405-600-8282

Omaha Nebraska: 1-402-933-3000

Orange County and Palos Verdes California: 1-800-234-3993

International: 1-404-843-5000


34 Responses

  1. Your inability to broadcast the AFC title game without CSpan cutting in every few minutes is driving a 30 year customer to become a Direct TV customer.

  2. Tried to resolve a issue about billing. Cancelled service for my mom in a nursing home. People in Midwest city were nice. Cox sent me a final bill, then billed for a cancelled service. Tried to explain it that they had my guardenship paper work. They couldn’t answer my questions and refused to let me speak with anyone of authority. What a piece of crap company. I wouldn’t do business with this company ever. Hope they get hostile taker over and get put out of business. Charging the elderly for services the don’t have.

  3. Cox has to be in the top 3 worse companies in the world, Sorry I don’t have any other alternatives that is better. I had a cable box go out on me after a few months. Brought it back, A few month’s later it went out. Brought it back. The rebuilt one they gave me did not work when I hooked it up. After waiting app 20 minutes for tech support answer he did not know what was wrong. Will send a service tech out in about two day’s, Cox should make sure their old rebuilt equipment works before sending it out again. This thing is so old and huge it actually has buttons on it for menu and set up and a half dozen others.

  4. I find COX does not care if you have service issue. They just want your money every month when you have on going service issues. Then they want you to spend more money at their stores to fix their issues. No wander 10 of my neighbors have left them. Get the funny man off TV and fix the issues.

  5. I’m sooooo tired of the long wait for customer service!! Horrible! Also, I had a tech flat out lie to me about why my internet was so slow. When I called back, another tech told me it was a flat out lie. I’ve been paying for a higher package internet, and it takes up to 5 minutes for a page to load. They always try blaming my router and such, however, it’s a new, top of the line router. Then they will say I have to BUY a new router because the one that I bought from them may be the problem. Then, if that’s not it, they will charge me to send someone out to fix something that should have been fixed to begin with. Not to mention, not providing me with the service I am paying for is theft. No ifs, ands or buts, it’s theft. Anyone who signs up for a service and does not get what they were told they would get is getting robbed, why are these big businesses allowed to do this. I cannot wait for another option in my area.

  6. I have such a terrible experience with the Cox store in Santa Barbara on State. They employees are rude and do not try and take care of the problem that they caused. I had a problem when I transfered my service and they told me “there is nothing they can do about it, you just have to wait” I went ahead and called customer service support and my problem was fixed in a little over an hour. And this is not the first time the store has done this to me. Such a terrible experience!

  7. well, I had only had cox for about two weeks and already changed out the modem and I still get the pixils on my tv , my digital phone stopped working while I was in the middle of a important conversation. it seems like every two to three hours my modem acts up and I lose my internet. To top it off, the cable representative stated that my in house wiring was bad and I allowed them to install a new box and drill a hole through my wall into my livingroom to get the system to work. well, it still is acting up. I really think I should get a credit for missing out on the quality cable service. as you probably can tell I haven’t had good service provided.

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