CSX Railroad Customer Service

1-877- 744-7279

How To Contact CSX Railroad Customer Service

CSX Railroad is a major provider of rail-based transportation services in the United States. Their customer service is focused on providing efficient and reliable service to their customers. This includes a variety of options for shipping, including intermodal, automotive, and coal transportation. They also offer online tools on their website for tracking shipments and managing transportation logistics. They strive to provide timely and accurate information to their customers, and to work with them to find the best transportation solutions for their needs.

  • Customer Service: 1-877- 744-7279
  • Corporate: 1-904-359-3200
  • Ethics: 1-800-737-1663
  • Railroad Ties: 1-800-769-8437
  • CSX Transportation: 1-904-359-3100
  • Report a Railroad Emergency: 1-800-232-0144

In the shipping industry, CSX Railroad faces competition from other railroads, as well as from trucking companies and shipping companies. Some of their main competitors include Norfolk Southern, USPS, Union Pacific, UPS, Fedex, Amazon and BNSF Railway. Additionally, the increased use of intermodal transportation, which combines multiple modes of transportation, such as rail and trucking, has led to increased competition in the industry. Despite this, CSX Railroad continues to be a major player in the industry due to its extensive network of rail lines and its focus on providing reliable service to its customers.


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