DISH network Customer Service


8003333474 is How To Contact DISH network Customer Service

Dish network is a satellite television provider located in the U.S. They provide HD TV, Music, and DVR services to their customers.

Phone Number: 1-303-723-1000

Customer Service: 1-800-333-3474


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  1. I will not rate any company that will not let me on my television after a long drive and a long day just to see nothing but your crap of what is going on and how to get any of my package I pay for monthly weather I am at home or not seeing I not there very often because of my work. I have had Direct TV. before and I hate it they suck and are hard to figure out, they stink. When I go back home I had better be able to get my package back, u never know who will get u for breach of contract, you should be responsible to finish out what u make people agree to when u speak to them. I moved from Maine back to Baton Rouge with one year on original contract and u people made me have to take another two year contract, now u pull this, wrong so wrong we should not have to get something we don’t. NO DISH and I want to see my program back when I go home.

  2. The fan on my Dish box run,s all the time and i call dish on 4/27/14 to come and replace the box , a message was left on there answering serves. The phone Number i called was 1-800-793-8171 this is the Dish network,s phone number and i have not got a return call back, that,s ok the call i make will be to Direct TV

  3. I setup new service easily by calling 1-888-743-5750.

    It’s not for customer service but it worked great for new service.

    I hope this helps sometime.


  4. Dish is not very nice to it user, they keep showing the same programs week after week.. Then they want to know why people get tire of their services. Four straight days of the same movie three time each day.

  5. When I’m using my dish anywhere it tells me that no Joeys are detected.

    I have a Joyey and the base hopper at home. Can you fix this?

  6. After many years as a loyal dish customer, I am changing by TV service provider mainly, and as the straw that broke the camel’s back, because of your dropping our favorite station, Cleveland Channel 8, a very, very STUPID thing for you to do.

  7. VERY DISCEPTIVE PRACTIES, SALESMAN says alot of things he will do and don’t happen. Rceored on Hopper with no commercials, pick what channels you want! nothing happened.

    Installer said will install with no damahe to roof- so he drilles 4 holes thru the roof stud to install the antenna and

    took some cables that he did not bring? Paid for system then found out nothing I was told was correct. Now to cancel service it will cost me $480.00 for a very un-ethical practice in getting some one to sign up with DISH.

    will never tell anyone to even consider DISH.

    Really considerating getting legal advice.

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