DISH network Customer Service


8003333474 is How To Contact DISH network Customer Service

Dish network is a satellite television provider located in the U.S. They provide HD TV, Music, and DVR services to their customers.

Phone Number: 1-303-723-1000

Customer Service: 1-800-333-3474


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  1. It is my understanding per Customer Rep. Valerie I.D. #37R that the account 8255909843925311 is to discontinued as of 07-18-18 and that a return box will be received by me within the next 15 days or less and that this account will no longer be considered as PAUSED and that shipping charges (for handling) will be appx $15 and that this account will not be subject to any further billing increases (for program packages)because of a paused condition instead of my intention of discontinuing said account as of 05-06-18. Gary Kinkade.

    Any further telephone calls to a Dish Network customer rep. because of misrepresentation by a customer rep. from the past will be recorded via telephone….Thank You

  2. Mailed payment day after got bill. Now have cut off my service and have been paying for it for years. Hello Direct TV thru my At&t account.

  3. We just lost ABC and NBC here along with SoapNet. Tried to call Dish only to be put on hold for a hour and then got disconnected. Great Customer Service NOT! I would give it 0 stars but that option is unavailable!!

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