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How to Call and Contact DPMS Customer Service


DPMS Customer Service

  • I just had an issue with one of my DPMS products, and their customer service was actually really helpful. Saw the other reviews here were far from stellar so figured I’d add mine to the mix. My hammer broke in half at the range under normal use. The fact that my hammer broke is rather disconcerting, but this review is about customer service, so trying to keep on topic. I called the number on this page, told customer service my problem, and they sent out a replacement hammer without giving me the 3rd-degree questions I was expecting. Got it two days later and just sent back the broken one with the prepaid label they provided. They even offered to have an LGS install the replacement if I wasn’t comfortable doing it myself. All in all, it was very pain-free and I can’t think of any way they could have made it any easier on me. I was very pleased with their customer service.

  • Customer Service conversation after waiting for 14 months for order was placed
    After waiting for 15 months, and seeing your company can not deliver an order within 15 months I want my order terminated. Please cancel order number W107221. I will seek all future purchases from anywhere but your company. It is truly disappointing to see an American company lie to its customers. Social Media sites will get our entire email string to see how your poor customer service has run off customers. The only reply requested is, confirmation of my order being canceled.

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