DragonTouch Tablets Customer Service


How To Contact DragonTouch Tablets Customer Service


What is DragonTouch’s email for customer service?  cs@dragontouch.com

What are DragonTouch’s customer service hours? Mon-Fri 10am-5pm (EST)


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  1. I bought a dragon touch y88x tablet a few months ago. all a sudden it stop taking my password now I cant get into it. can you please help me reset the tablet so I can use it. I been on you tube to get help but it has no reset button on it. please help I love my tablet.

  2. I bought a tablet and it just stopped working all together. I wouldn’t charge anymore. Is there any kind of warranty on the Dragon touch tablet? I bought it from Amazon order# 102-1767081-5573005

    Thank You,

    Judy Nowell

  3. Hi,

    Cannot get through to your customer service via phone.

    I brought a dragon x10 from amazon on the 3rd of Jan and got a faulty power supply plug with my device. Is there any chance you could get me another free of charge.

    My order # from amazon is 108-1590304 8002626.

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