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Drs. Foster and Smith catalogs feature numerous articles to help pet owners learn more about their pet and how to improve their pet’s quality of life. Plus, our award winning website contains more than 2,000 articles from our veterinary staff on pet health and care. It is the primary source for Discovery Channel’s pet health libraries, and is used by thousands of pet owners, pet professionals, schools, and universities every day around the world.


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I want to buy a comfortable bed for our 3 yr old Boxer, 80 lbs. I want his name: DIESEL monogrammed on his bed. I also want the pillow you have shaped like a dog bone that says: DZ.

Can I get this shipped to Louisville Ky prior to Christmas?

Cannot get through to shop on-line -get message browser not compatible? What’s the problem? Need to re-order millet.

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