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Phone Number: 1-318-396-1126 association with this company:

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  1. Dear si Phil willie Kay jase jep and all the other robertsons I love your show make new one now

  2. I bought one of your pink tea glasses with duck dynasty on it and the duck dynasty washed off on 1 side and now is sticky, can you tell me how to clean it off so that I don’t stick to it. Thank you and God bless.

  3. I was watching: Duck Commander: Before The Dynasty, on DVD, and I saw Phil making Étouffée. I live in central Texas, and have never had the pleasure of having such an awesome dish! If y’all would, please send me a copy of any kind of Étouffée ( even if it uses dinner sausage) I received the whole series of Duck Dynastry as a Christmas gift from my son- it really picks me up when I’ve had a rough night at work; so, thank you guys! I am a Christian believer as well, and appriciate what y’all are standing for! Again, a big thank you from the heart of Texas! Carl T. Parker- Brownwood,Tx

  4. Hello this is Taylor okay so my friends birthday is May 19 and I was wondering if you can call on Friday on the number to say happy birthday to my best friend thank you this is to willie si jase Phil jep

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