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DX is the first and only alternative to Royal Mail. Secure Mail Services also have over 17 years of experience as a best-practice industry leader in secure delivery.


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  1. Disgusting service, DX driver drove past my home with my bathroom items which my plumber is fitting today, I waived at him he didn’t stop and now I have a text telling me you attempted to deliver today. Why lie I was standing at my front door, no attempt to deliver. I am reporting your company to trading standards, I have incurred extra costs as my plumber is now having to return for an extra day at a cost of £200.

  2. Parcel over gate says the note. This during a bad storm , NOT rang the doorbell . The parcel was finally found at the bottom of the garden more than 20 meters from the house soaking wet.

    This is really bad form

  3. can it get any worse? driver drove away as I approached gate note through door contacted company to see who had sent item was told they had a different address for item so how did he know at which address to leave card couldn’t tell me who had sent item so don’t know if it was perishable couldn’t or wouldn’t contact driver to see if he was still in vicinity next delivery slot some time on Wednesday 28 dec cant wait in all day so item returned to sender was it a Christmas present? cant tell without knowing who sent it I wonder how many fouled up delivery of Christmas presents they will have made or more likely not made,worse than poor! it would appear that they only know the number 1 for post codes containing multiple numbers/house names

  4. So far, so bad. I had a delivery note in my mailbox on Thursday. Not unusual – I’m at work. On calling the telephone number I worked through options that were impracticable – I’m at work. When I went for the pick up option, I was offered an address in Edinburgh. I live 137-ish miles from Edinburgh. Their algorithm clearly doesn’t get postcodes or intelligent action. So it’s going to my workplace, to people who are not there to take care of my personal deliveries. And 9am – 5pm might not work, as the nature of our business means that it is possible that no one will be there from about 3:30pm. No tighter options available. I’m expecting an item of medical equipment. A spare, so I won’t die but this is a monstrous hassle.

    I’ll talk to my supplier. Were I to be employing DX directly, they’d be out of a contract. Undoubtledly my worst experience yet, in the UK, of a delivery.

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