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How To Contact Dyson Customer Service

Dyson does not rely on bags and filters to trap the dust, Dyson vacuums uses patented cyclone technology to spin the dirt out of the air. That’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t lose suction, picks up more dirt from your home and expels cleaner air.




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  1. Can some one please ans there phone no one ever ans I need help on my Dyson it won’t vacuum brush will not turn in the wrapper van is fine I need help on this could you please respond my writing me because no one answers their phone you just continually keep telling me you are considerably busy right now and we are currently experiencing high-volume’s however you could call or talk twice a quick team but nobody answered that either I need help D Guillotte

  2. Owning a dyson has been time consuming. Every three weeks or so it goes in for repair. Unreliable- WAY overrated. Customer service does their very best to appease you- at times trying to convince you that the problems that you are experiencing are your fault. Maybe the DC Animal cannot tolerate your dog s hair. OR- maybe you should buy out special attachment to vacuum your dog BEFORE you attempt to vacuum your carpet! Just add vacuuming my dog to my cleaning to-do list are you kidding me? I have a small dog- he is not a WOOLY MAMMOTH ! Wondering why it takes so long to speak to a customer service representative? Perhaps it is because they have simply exhausted all their excuses to defend their inferior, yet very EXPENSIVE Product. The only thing this vacuum will clean out is your wallet. Should be taken off the market.

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