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Food Stamps EBT Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact EBT Food Stamp Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

SNAP Toll Free information Number – 1-800-221-5689


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My foodstamp card that has my stamps and mt fitap cash MONEY was stolen and the oerson is jason james Prothro. He is my ex finance. He found out becaue of a letter stating i was awarded child support before I left August 1.He got tge the card in the mail and told ne this morning he set the card up after he opened my government personal mail.He put hus personal pen code in as 0525.I was furious.intold him to put it in the mail ASAP. He said he would.He has now used over $200 off tge card.tgere is 76 dollars on it now. Plus he user $100 in foodstamps. Nobody can locate him.i REPORTED it stolen…but tge new card said it would go out in 7 dsys to tge same damn address.I need to talk to a live person please

Is there a way to use ebt card still if lost like type in number or something.

I need to go tomorrow and i lost my card and can’t wait for a new one.

I need to pick my ebt card up at a north Las Vegas office close to Sunrise and 21 first st

I am looking for a telephone number to apply for food stamps.

We live in Magnolia, TX 77354

My name isGlenda Robb. I am tryin to file for food stamp benefits. I havent had an active case for about 2 yrs. I havent been employed for over 2 months. I am completely out of money. I have filed with Missouri Unemployment Office. I am compliant an up to date with them. I also have alot of applications out but have not been hired as of yet. Can i please re-file an application for Food Stamps at this time. My telephone number is.. My address is. Thank you an i hope to hear from a representative shortly or as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention in this matter.


I have a phone, but would like to just get a plan thru you all and see if I can keep my same number My ebt card ends in 7360 Thank you

Was informed to call ebt next day after 10 a.m. I have tried several times and the balance is $0.This is my first time using this service and followed directions properly. Still $0 funds.A very frustrating experience.

Was informed to call ebt next day after 10 a.m. I have tried several times and the balance is $0.This is my first time using this service and followed directions properly. Still $0 funds.A very frustrating experience.

who do I contact if a bank atm wouldn’t let me get my cash from my ebt card the atm took my 100.00 and now they are giving me the run around telling me to call my food stamp number and this is for family assistance what do I need to do. I don’t have a 100.00 just to give away like that.

It has been over a month now since my case was approved for SNAP and every time I check my card it says zero dollars and 77 cents. When I call the food stamp office they tell me that on 8/23/15 there was 2 deposits and on 9/23/15 there was on deposit for a total of $675.00 and yet I have not seen on dime of it. FSSA says the money has been released and has been deposited but yet when I look at my account I have zero Dollars. It is going on 2 weeks now and NO ONE has a clue who to talk to or when I try to talk to someone they blame or pass me to someone else. I am quite beyond my limit and have become foul with several people. I want this matter looked into and resolved unless this office plans to blame the FSSA. For having to deal with this for greater than 2 weeks is pathetic and poor service. I do not want excuses I want some results.

its been 3weeks since I called for a replacement Ebt card never received it. WISH I could speak to a real live rep !! so frustrated .benefit went on for the month of April,,

When ever I call them to activate my ebt card it just tells me good bye then hangs up and I can’t ever talk to a real person.

My ex/boyfriend called and reported my ebt card stolen I only found out when I went to the store and the cashier told me that my card was restricted , how embarrassing I asked what does that mean he wasnt sure does anyone here know ?? I called the number on the back of my card and was told by a recording that they have gotten a call that my card was stolen and I needed a new one that jack azz was going to hold it over my head I dont know whom to contact about this matter can anyone HELP PLEASE thanks

Could you please tell me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the phone number to call if I’ve forgotten my EBT Pin Number.

Hello? I’ve been trying,in vain,for half an hour,to reach customer service through the number 1-888-328-9271,for help in getting into my account,please. I’ve wasted an incredible amount of minutes on my (free) phone,only for the connection to disconnect every time. I see now,that this is not a true customer service connection,which is incredibly cruel,immature,& unprofessional. Can you remotely imagine my disappointment in your so-called organization? Doubtful. Shame on ALL connected with this disgraceful sham! I only put up one star to show you exactly where you stand,with what you do. It says tons about any of you cashing any paycheck connected with this job. You know you have no pride in your work,& should be ashamed to do so. Now,I must waste more minutes,that someone paid for me,to find someone knowledgable about this specific issue,because you people won’t do your incredibly simple jobs! I see why there’s so many gaps between requests for help,here. Good grief,I wish you’d done right by me today. Now I must turn it over to someone who’ll probably call the darn governor…& for what??? Because the people working for him are getting paid,but NOT DOING THEIR JOBS? I understand that it takes an act of congress,almost literally,to fire you people from these very simple jobs that you don’t do,but get paid for. Because,I also know what Congress is up to. A vicious circle indeed…which will most certainly be properly accounted for,in Heaven. I pity you not. For deceiving the good & decent people you supposedly work for,you are hardly deserving. Have a nice day. Eventually…you’re really going to need quite a few,’cause hurting people in any way has got to bring to one sad times,indeed.

writing to let someone know that my grandmother”s maiden name is white

her name that she’s being identified by is Crowley

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