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Customer Service Contact Information For Energizer Battery 1-800-383-7323

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Customer service has now moved to INDIA – If you report a faulty battery, you are now required to take a photo of the bad battery and email it to the customer service rep in India. Their 9 Volt Lithium (10 year shelf life) doesn’t last – 4-6 years life in a smoke detector (if you are lucky). Customer rep. stated that these batteries are not suited for smoke detectors – battery packaging doesn’t state this caveat. The “bunny” has failed us….

You have all these $8 off promotions if you buy 2. I did that, went home & typed in the codes on the back of the promotions., one passed(needed 2), the other did not so I bought another pack. That did not work either.

Just saying, you’re a reputable company, what’s wrong with this picture.

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