Family Feud Customer Service


How to Contact Customer Service For Family Feud

Phone Number: 1-800-676-2775


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  1. I feel that Steve Harvey is too conceited and should stop making such noticeable facial expressions if he feels the family didn’t give a good answer.

    he’s way too confident and his unthoughtful remarks are unnecessary

    he doesn’t need to make comments.
    nobody wants to hear it.

    calm down and act accordingly

  2. why is it that certain families get the easiest questions for the $20,000? For example what color is licorice? There are only 2 answers. Or what do you see in a bowling alley? Name color in a traffic light? Come on make it fair for everyone.

  3. I think FF needs to realize it’s 2023
    Host asked guy “did he have a nice girl and he was brave to say no the opposite a great guy”. So awkward. I’m 67 years old so not a millennial. No more men/women
    Survey married couples or men or women

  4. Hi SH, We are a Family in Sri Lanka (A small Island between India & Maldives) we just want to know that this show is only for the people who lives in the US or can anyone apply from anywhere. By the way great show and we never miss to watch. Cheers

  5. A couple of weeks ago, a family, I believe the Morgan family was robbed by the judges of $20,000. The question was, “Name something you do at church.” The first family member said praise or praise and worship. The second family member said pray and they beeped him and made him give another answer. Praise and pray are two different things. I hope Family Feud do right by this family.

  6. Clean up the show. Vulgar answers for a “family” does not need to be hear those words. Watching Steve Harvey grabbing himself. I thought he was a Christian man? Start calling it “Filthy Feud”

  7. I just hope the questions would change.From below first grade. To intelligent adults. Doesn’t have to be a Jeopardy. But something other than flat out easy would be great.

  8. This show is so unfair! If the buzzer is beeped then the contestant should NOT be able to answer. I also feel this show is as biased as they come!

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