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How To Contact Fanatics Customer Service

There are many places online to purchase team and league-licensed merchandise. Football Fanatics realizes that in order to be successful in the industry, they must provide our customers with great prices, superior products and impeccable service. 1-877-827-8965


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  1. Order Christmas present 2 day shipping on Dec 20. Item never arrived as of 12-25, Lasership is the worst shipping company and Fanatics is just as bad

  2. If I could give less, I would. I have ordered from them in previous years with good results, this year is horrible. I have received 2 out of 6 items. The two that came were with Fed Ex. The other items with Laser Ship show last tracking of 12/19 and then it just stops. Can’t get anyone at Laser Ship or Fanatics and these are Christmas Gifts that I ordered first few days of December. Unacceptable and I will no longer be a customer.

  3. not a happy camper i order 1 hat on nov 2 and now its dec 2 and no hat or no hat delivered yet. I am glad i ordered nothing else because this company does not care about customer service and its sad. They love to send out emails about 20 to 30 percent off but when item does not come it does not matter. I am in customer service and this is a joke and i am done

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