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Customer Service Contact Information For Fedex Smartpost 1-800-463-3339

By Eric Strand

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was supposed to have my package delivered by may 14, now your customer service told me the 18th is expected delivery date, Ive had packages from California in my mail in 2-3 days, are You using pony express or what, I am not happy with the wait, I will never use this service again for sure

original location was los angeles, California with a destination of ludowici, Georgia. made it to Ellenwood, Georgia which is 3 1/2 hours from my house. ended up in washington state, then to sacramento, California. not very smart!

Yes fed ex smart post does have serious issues as everybody that you talk too definitely acts like your package is not important and you are not going too have them go out of their way for anything. They are all rude and just don’t have any care in the world for us. Being the reason why they have a job.

I am waiting for 4 packages to be delivered. I track the packages everyday. Tracking showed scheduled for delivery 12/13/2015, no packages were delivered, and that night tracking said no scheduled delivery information. What is going on? This is the worst delivery service ever. I got a UPS delivery in one day, and Amazon Prime never fails to deliver packages on time, even on Sunday. FEDEX Smartpost is not so SMART.

Two items in one month through FedEx Smartpost have not arrived when stated through tracking. Contacting FedEx they tell me they cannot find and will contact smartphone and I SHOULD get a rep from smart post in one to two business days and get this if they have not contracted me, then I need to contact my retailer that sent the item to me. So now I have to do FedEx’s work for them, even after my retailer has pay them to handle the package. What good is FedEx. And people complain about the service of the USPS.??????

My package was supposed to be delivered 12/14/15, then after it wasn’t delivered it was changed to 12/17/15. As 12/19/15 it has not been delivered and other than it is “in transit” I cannot find any information about my order. I understand this is the holidays and they are very busy, but this is ridiculous!!! And the fact that you have to go to a 3rd party to obtain a “customer service” phone number, proves they don’t give a crap about “customer service.”

FedEx Smartpost is the worst possible service there is. You could personally drive your package across the country quicker than they can deliver it. Unfortunately, they also have lousy tracking. It hasn’t been updated in DAYS and when you call customer service they have empty apologies about how they can’t tell you anything except limited information and the information doesn’t make sense. They tell you the post office will deliver it on a certain day but cannot tell you when it will get to the post office?!?! Way to make the post office look bad if you deliver it at noon on the day of delivery when their postal carriers are already out on the route possibly finishing their day?

after waiting 2 wks. i find out that they tried to deliver my package, but couldn’t , odds are we had closed for the day. No notes or stickers on door. i checked fedex SmartPost and was told that they tried to deliver Dec. 12th. never had any idea that they even tried. called and they could not help. even with a idem # from the E-mail, it tells me to down load shipping label, it wont let me. Is this a scam !!!!!!!!! they sent the notice to my E-mail. So they had info. to contace me. Not happy about this.

Why have this page? It does nothing and the package still is not delivered. Use this page to do something helpful.

Package was supposed to be delivered 1/16/2016. Lost track of it the 15th and no update for 7 days. Your service sucks, please go out of business so you can’t be used by anyone. What a bunch of incompetent jerks!!!

Worst service ever! My package was suppose to be delayed 12-20-15. It was suppose to be out for delivery in KC KS and they loaded it to West Virginia. Why? Now it won’t get back to KS until 12-29-15. Your service sucks and people are incompetent!

This is horrible. My package went from Jacksonville Fl to Hazelton Mo to Hazelwood Mo and is supposed to be delivered to Horn Lake Ms. No one reads emails you can’t get someone live on the phone. Now the package is in Memphis Tn headed back to origin! Shippers solution is they will refund my order when it arrives. Not the issue I just want my package! Ridiculous obviously you need to hire someone to respond to emails!

Smartpost adds days to may delivery From Reno, NV to my home in Oregon, you can drive in a day. So why do I have to wait 7 days for Smartpost? I would get it faster if Fedex collected the package and then passed it off to USPS, instead of hauling it all over the country then giving it to USPS.


I am very unhappy with FedEx smart post how smart is it when no one can help you find your package

I had a package arrive from Smart post, It was not delivered to my front door or even near it! It was found at the end of the driveway behind my husband’ truck! Anyone could have come along and stole it and I would never know!! I do not trust this so called “Delivery Service”

I have been waiting 2 weeks for a package to arrive. All my other items arrived a week or more ago. When I go to the tracking info, the delivery date says ‘N/A’. Does that mean I will never get my package? Where is the phone number that I can talk to a real person who can explain these things? Where is communication a quality business should provide? It was not my choice to use this company and I won’t use it again!

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