Food Stamps Florida EBT SNAP FL

1-866 762-2237

Food Stamps Florida FL Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Florida Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

1-866 762-2237

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1-866 762-2237

Not everyone makes a whole lot of money. I am a full time student going for nursing and can’t afford to work a full time job plus pay daycare cost for four kids. My husband makes 50000 a year but with the way life is crap is expensive. We get minimal foodstamps but if u think for one second I enjoy government assistance you can kiss my ass. I don’t like it but I need it. And guess what I have been on it for many years. And just bc I have four kids don’t u dare say I don’t deserve it and should be more responsible and wouldn’t need the assistance. Just because i don’t make tons of money doesn’t mean I do not deserve kids.just because ppl have to have assistance for many years it doesn’t mean things need to be harder. You’re an idiot for even saying crap like that. What r u doing on here if u wanna talk about ur thankful it’s hard. ƒ you.

This isboutrageous. It’s like they want to makebpeiple angry. I just put a hole through my wall over howbangry this non existent program is. I just need some food!!!

Ive been trying to do my review sence 3/30/14 way before my foodstamp cut off date which was 4/15-30/14 at the lateest I called the my fl.acess line 100 x they kept telling me the reveiw button was on the acess fl. Site finally I got someone to check themselfs and surprise all that was there was apply for benifits it took til the middle of the month to get a live persron to tell me what a figured , so I began to fill out another app. And I couldnt be more upset I filled that sucker out over and over and it kept bringing back to beginning, now my food stamps are canceled and im in jeopardy of losing medicaid I have a nine year old son that cant go without inc. He and I are homeless meaning we’ve been staying with a friend but here recently I was asked to move out because we are responsible for our own meals and my sons dad buys all our nonfood items and clothes for our son he also gets him almost everyday after schooland brings him home at night.

I can’t remember login info. Very hard to track down someone to talk to. Will visit office on Monday.

I applied on line and received an accepted message. Later I was called and told it did not go thru and my stamps were canceled. I was told to start over and apply as if I had never had stamps. Since I already have an account with food stamp card number, password etc, isn’t there some way to just reactivate same?

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